Every Ambika filterboard?

I’ve just built my first Ambika “from scratch”, and love it! It has 6x SMR4 filters, and I also had Polivoks filter PCBs made as well, which will be going into a second Ambika in the next few months. I probably won’t build a third Ambika, but I hope to keep the GAS at bay for the next year or two building different filterboards, and I’m wondering if there are any options I’m not aware of?

There are the official boards, SMR4, 4PM, and SVF. Then there’s the Polivoks, and the Ladder by TubeOhm (which I don’t believe is open source). Am I missing anything?

Those are all the filters I am aware of.

Yes, I believe those are the available ones. Then there are various DIY modifications floating around, e.g. SMR4 & 4P filters upgrade


I saw some of those (including the ones you’re working on, looking forward to the final design!), but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that still had a repository up. Since that means there’s probably some fatal flaw with the board that the creator doesn’t plan to fix, I don’t know how hard I want to try to find them.

Could anyone please tell me why the ladder voicecard is not open source?
Does it not derive from the Voicecard-Template?



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