Ever cleaned a keyboard? Casio FZ-1

i purchased a ridiculously cheap FZ-1 (about 50€+shipping) on ebay. the description said LCD doesn’t work (but also said you can barely read it what means it basically works) everything else fully functional. well… turns out it’s just the LCD backlight (don’t know yet how easy that fix is) and everything works, except the keyboard.
after hitting the keys (vel>=127) several times some keys come back, not all, and not all keep playing. midi out works also just for the keys that respond. so it must be dirt, at least i hope so.
has anybody cleaned a keyboard before? something i need to observe in order to not kill stuff?
the FZ-1 itself looks very good and i have to say i’m quite impressed with its sound. main reason for buying was the need for a 2nd big midi keyboard, and that i have never owned a FZ-1

I have but they are all a bit different. Usually there is accumulated dust, maybe some grease or coffee or beer. Most things can be cleaned, either with isopropyl alcohol or a mild household cleaner. Watch out for potential little rubber membranes underneath or wires. Post some photos, maybe we can help.

LCD backlight issue applies to every FZ-1 ever made-I bought mine in 1992 and the backlight was already a goner. As you’d expect for something its age it uses electroluminescent panels. It is possible to buy generic EL sheet in your colour choice on eBay and cut to size to replace it but…

The ribbon cables that attach to the LCD are the old-style circuit-printed-on mylar type which have a fragile connection to the actual LCD module, and when I tried replacing the backlight on mine some of the y row driver lines came a bit loose so I now have a brightly backlit display with intermittent dead lines-haven’t been game to go back in to try and fix it just yet. YMMV…

You’re right, it’s a killer unit-the DCF filters are actually analogue filters which have bus-interfacing controller logic built in rather than pure digital filters, and they can blow speakers under the right circumstances…

PS Hold the display button while tweaking the slider and you should be able to adjust LCD contrast to something much more readable :wink:

As Piscione said , it will be the rubber membrane./contacts to pay attention to. Clean with isopropyl , check for perishing. This may help.

thanks guys,very helpful. yeah the display contrast works fine now! i’m not sure if i really need the illuminated display though, if things are so easy to break.
the link is very interesting, now i know what i can expect. i’ll post pics once it’s open

If you can’t get 100% alcohol, methylated spirits will do. Might be called something else where you are, 95% alcohol 5% methanol. If you want to lubricate anything get some silicon grease as it is safe with plastic.

My old cz1000 didn’t have a backlight, not all Casio stuff did.

my CZ-1 didn’t have a backlight either, but my VZ-1 does. i need to repair the VZ-1 too. it’s 100% functional, just the right metal cheek has been knocked off and the highest key has a break in it. got that for that reason at a bargain price also a few years ago (yes i’ve played it with fingers access to mains voltages ugh)

update: i’ve now ordered both a replacement top C key for the VZ-1 (that needs a new diy metal end cheek) and a backlight for the FZ-1 display.
i can make a demo of how to do it (or how not to do it) if there is interest. would be a good reason to write a little blog

>>i can make a demo of how to do it (or how not to do it) if there is interest. would be a good reason to write a little blog

Yes, there is!

Guys, sorry to resurrect this thread, but I was wondering if anyone still has the content that the now dead link to plus-google-com above was redirecting to. Also wondering if any demo has ever been made, and how your display is is doing now with the (not so) new backlight. Did you or anyone get the keys fixed?