Eurorack Sample Player

Disting MKIII new firmware 3.3 out with sample playing function. Check it out it looks good, works in stereo and seems very smooth when changing playback speeds dynamically.

I’m beta testing Euxoloti at the moment. Have had some hardware glitches, but it’s got good potential, I think.


little update on my side: I ordered a sampleslicer and I’m having a lot of fun with it:
it keeps my sq1 busy

Boum ! now waiting for a price tag

another one…

here is something i am working on it

@koerby: is it going to be “cd quality” audio ?

No, because I use the internal DAC of the Teensy . The output is mono 12Bit / 44.1 kHz.
With the optional Teensy AudioShield you can reach CD-Quality in Stereo. Its very easy to change top code to support it,

But from my point of view the 12Bit is for this purpose enough.

Is it the 3.2?


Cool. I just yesterday saw that the new one comes with an onboard dac.
The teensy audio library is really cool, and a good way into doing simple DSP i think (or complex DSP, but with simple tools).

The Audio-Lib is very powerful and make things (like a sampler) very easy.
Only a pitchshift function is missing :slight_smile:

" The output is mono 12Bit / 44.1 kHz. "

Still better than the sample slicer (22khz)

I wouldn’t dismiss the Eurotrash mk2 - it’s reasonably hi-fi, (16 bit 44kHz), does looping/slicing under CV control, and it’s stereo - and it has a display. Also it’s open source and hackable. Latency is only about 4ms when using the on-board SPI flash storage.