Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!


Guess we all do…


i hope he is ok.I had great fun here in the time when it was a busy diy forum.


TBH, when he was here he used to convince me to spend money on things I didn’t need :slight_smile:


Yes but that is what this whole forum is about isn’t it?


HERETIC !!! :rofl:


For what it’s worth, I have a spare busboard from the white run of a few years ago. It’s untouched / brand new. I’m not sure what the going rate is for these days, but I’d let it go for not much more than it cost me + shipping.


If folk want to build up their own bus boards, I just built a couple of the Bastl Juicebus kits that work very nicely (They even came with solder)

But yeah, its not been the same around here without FCD72! I hope hes doing alright.


I miss those days