Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!


No idea. I hope everything is OK.


Damn. That is bizarre. He was always very forthcoming with information, and one of the most organized posters / sellers / etc. on this board. I hope all is well.


Yeah, he has always been good at responding to emails, but he never responded to the last one I sent asking about the boards a couple of months ago.


He’s doing a business degree or something? obviously that takes up all your time.


@6581punk, I am happy to hear that he is busy and it is not a health problem or something


It was mentioned in this thread

Although I may have understood “first degree business”, it may mean his main business, not a business degree :smiley:


Hi all, I am also still waiting for my boards. I talked to Frank (fcd72) on the phone some months ago, he was busy with his main business, but told me that he has not forgotten, and that had too many mails too read … So I hope I will get my bus boards and the promised case in 2015.


@fcd72 do you have any pcb’s left in stock?


I have about 30 pieces of the original Doepfer bus boards I think I could sell for €12 / piece.

I think shipping could be cheap due to the low thickness of the boards.

Is it interesting for the situation here ? For how much did he finally sell them ?


@gihaume Boards complete with components or just the PCB’s? If they are complete I want to buy a couple.


Complete with components ! Ready to use.


gihaume, I would also like to have some of your dopefer bus boards. I wrote you a pm already …


daba I didn’t received your pm…

EDIT: All the boards are gone.


Anybody still in for some busboards?

Since Frank isn’t around so much anymore i designed some myself.

SMT this time.


hey nice ones ! smd connector for flat back is a good idea : )
thanks,how does it works ? you make a run ?
little ones are nice for lunchbox,maybe some pads on the other sides to connect several ?


I have a few of the big ones i can spare. I didn’t have the small ones produced yet.
I skipped the extra pads on the small ones to make it small :slight_smile: If you want to connect several you can better use a big one. Maybe draw a mid size one. I was thinking maybe to make a 50cm XL version for 104hp.


Raaahh shiftr, now you come along with that, right after i ordered a BASTL busboard from Thonk with a hefty shipping fee. I was sick of having 7 modules lying around for nearly one year without using them. sniff


You should have asked me first of course :wink: … I actually made these a year ago and had them lying around. But didn’t solder the connectors and leds on it. I just came around to test them finally. Not much can go wrong with this design but to just be sure. :slight_smile:

I made them with free version of eagle so i couldn’t place the components outside the 10cm x 10cm area. So i had to draw them manually. This is allowed.


Yeah, life’s a bitch.
Initially i ordered 5 busboards from Frank, but due to his family issues it could take forever to get them. Sad, but absolutely understandable.
So i had to undertake this adventure. But honestly i would have never dreamed the shipping fee to be nearly half the price of the board.
50 quid for a busboard is quite a sum.


I miss Frank.