Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!


the last ones i have from you are all stuffed with 2x5 as a standard because most (as in 99% **+) of all diy modules there’s only a 10 pin socket no matter if there’s a 5V needed or not. so in order to avoid the 10 to 16 shakey shakey adapter i just make my bus boards 10 pin with 4 or 5 16 pin in between, just in case (that one case has been only Manhatten’s state variable filter so far)
If there’s not enough sockets i can still power more than one with one ribbon, easy. The boards are cool for this, only the voltages are a bit obscured when you use keyed headers. could be a bit to the side. But it’s just one more look to the side to see what is where.



You may start a new List anytime, next Batch will be yellow (because thats the only color we didn’t already do :wink: )


Haha - i just ran out of Boxes ;-)……


Damn I missed it. What would posting have been to US ?


if you don’t count packing material and time, pure shipping fee from germany to all barbarian countries is 3.45€ unregistered at this size with easy light packing, and always at least 17€ with tracking. Unless it’s really really thin and goes as small letter, then it may be cheaper. which is not the case with a fragile board that size.


Shipping is 5,60€ due to oversize, additionally there is 2,15€ for registering the Letter so i charge 7,5€ including special Boxes + Bubblewrap as packing material. This is partly trackable but as its registered its nearly failsafe and will either be registered or bounced back.

Start a new List for the Summer Run - maybe someone backs off, then ill use this as waiting list….


Thread derailment ahead but somewhat related as this will be used for my boards : for Easter, I went to my parent’s as they have a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better workshop than I do. Turns out that I have a pair of 168hp z-rails and that my father is a hoarder and had a toolbox made by my grand-father in the 50s that is high enough for 6U and large enough for 158HP.
Day 1 was removing the 6-7 layers of lead paint that was used in the past and sanding it. The wood had some issues as it was old and pork blood was used for a red taint at the time of the construction. Only sanding the wood proved to be non-efficient as there were too many layers so I had to resort to use a heat gun and use a paint scraper to heat it and remove the major part of it. Day 2 was more sanding, first layers of lacquers and polishing/removing the rust of some metal parts. Day 3 was adding the last layer of lacquer.
Here’s the result so far :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get the other pair of zrails and my boards to finish it :slight_smile:

Please note this is my “first case” and that I barely needed help. Beginner’s luck I guess?




Victorian style - greetings from Sherlock Holmes !


Pig blood and lead makes it the most metal eurocase ive ever seen.


Wow - this is certainly unique. You should start a separate thread for your pork blood toolbox Euro case! If I get any free time soon, I’ll be finishing my home-built case off with tolex, a handle and rubber feet. I plan on taking some photos of that effort.


Has the Spring 2k15 pack shipped out yet? Looking forward to getting my case together :slight_smile:


cold_fashioned : Definitely! Actually, I wanted to make it tainted a tad black like the Pittsburgh modular Mobile Case Black. But in this case, my grand-father did the job beforehand with the pig (or cow, this is yet to be determined!) blood by soaking it in for 24 hours before applying his paint layers.
I’m thinking Squid ink could do the job for black as only the lighter parts of the wood would be affected if anyone is interested. Any wood soaked in this would turn black. This is yet to be experimented… maybe for a smaller second case sometimes? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll post more pictures when I’m done with this one. Probably next month :slight_smile:


Nope as i am waiting for the right Boxes which are surprisingly hard to come by. Its a rather unusual size, the more common smaller ones are to small and the next bigger ones generate 6€ more shipping costs…. you will see what i mean when they arrive. Otherwise everything else is prepared so i just need to throw things in the box and stick the prepared labels. Sorry for that hassle, ill let you know here when they have been shipped.


Not a problem, thanks for the update!


Oh! I was also wondering…

No problem, I found another solution :smiley:


Boxes are here! Lets see if i can get this shipped tomorrow……


@fcd72 trying to contact with you via PM and mail, please drop me a line :wink:


Will check…. I’m currently running with tightest spam filter because of excess mails i get since i gave a chines supplier my business cards last Ambiente Fair - sorry for any inconvenience


BTW, all orders that did not involve extras are shipped by today, 16h. Puh….