Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!


Well, I might as well start saving for an FCD case for 2015…


They are not that expensive……


Any more Triiiples kits left?


Yups - how many do you want? :wink:


1 would do me :slight_smile:


can do!


Err, what are your recommendations on rails and spacers? Something something M3 - maybe 5mm, plus something something in terms of rails over at Clicks&Clocks

I did like the Baugruppenträger, but the normal rails for those were M2.5 and it was a beyotch to locate some good looking black socket head inbus screws plus black washers.

Ordered these guys for rails: and these threaded strips:


All paid orders (except jojjelitos because of that secret prototype he will receive) shipped.


Damnit, I knew there was something strange afoot when they told me I was only going to be useful as a crash test dummy… I lurvs me a sekrit prototype! Even if it’s just a blind panel with a LED and an engraved badger.


Naaa, c’mon, it only has 5 Parts……it won’t kill you. Instanly.


Ohh, sounds thrilling :wink: Better than probing 3-phase power with my wet fingers.


I told you not to lick at that thing just because its red….


That’s what I tried to tell her… Now it’s way past bedtime.


Yes! Sinterklaas just brought me my busboards!
Many thanks dude!


Minor sticker update: The transparent ones didn’t come out as nice as I had hoped so I ordered regular white ones instead. Please stay tuned…


Whoohooo, bus boards! … And Edibles :slight_smile: thanks.


Damnit, I love my secret prototype but there were no edibles included. I cried myself to sleep after eating some meatballs knowing that today is Lucia , a day of much awesomeness if you’re a teen just learning to drink. Or if you’re seething nibbling on some saffron buns drinking Glögg.

No, seriously: It’s awesome enough for me to award Frank 3 power-up mushrooms and an extra life. Plus, I hope my Waldorf Vakov rack will look nice on top of this.


Everything fits fine? Post a Pic if you like….


I’m out of M3 screws until tomorrow :frowning: But yeah, everything snapped together nicely!
Meanwhile I’m content with enjoying the VA sounds and Vactrol filters of the Vakov.

Tomorrow just turned into an unexpected hardware buying day. Saves me from a hangover, unnecessary racism and other nasty surprises :wink:


Heads up for all these who ordered Busboards but didn’t send payment information or didn’t pay till now. Your reservations are valid till December, 27th thereafter ill pass the Boards to the next one!