Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!


@fcd72 Will it also get a cutout for a power inlet


@fcd72 it might be nice to cut any slots and holes in such a way that they’re still connected at four sides, but that you can easily pop them out when you want to add something there.


The 6U and 9U will… the 3Us simply have not enough room within, i think of it more as a “Dooh, i miscalculated my need for space” add-on thing. Or something that grows with your needs. Its my take of Rupert Neves Penthouse Design :wink:

And thinking about it i could do a 1,5 U Basement Case for the PSU :wink:


@fcd72 You can fit a RT50B in a 3U perfectly fine as long as it’s at least 8 or 9 cm deep and as long as you snap one of your busboards in half. :slight_smile:


HERETIC. If you want i can cut a hole for your Power Inlet even in the 3U case…. its all BTO.


Mmm, I’d love me a 9U for starters, maybe two as the modular keeps growing… Fecking GAS :slight_smile:


Frank, did you just derail your own thread?!


I wish it have a lid to make it ready to gig…

Anyway looks great!


Yeah, at last i found something i am good at….


Not just good at, a master.


Frank, I am humbled to be in your virtual presence. You, Sir, are the God of derailment!


I think he can call us “grasshopper.”


Ok, if you do another run with bus boards, a case and a power supply, I am going to have to get one of these kits. I may get the modular stickers for decoration, haha.


You don’t need a Sticker, the warning already is engraved in the Case - i have a pro Lawyer.


@fcd72: Haha, I should have know that would be engraved on the case. Any plans to make some smaller cases? I suppose that the material you are using is better for a stationary studio case though.


smaller depends on the rails i can get. so far I’m searching for rails with 3mm threaded strips for a decent price…. if anyone has a tip?
material is top notch quality 5mm MDF, so when its glued its sturdy albeit not suitable to be moved by the average Stagehand.


I have a 84HP 6U case made of 5mm MDF and it’s really sturdy and rock solid. If you use good rails, than you’ll get a lot of stiffness even before you add the glue.


@fcd72: I think most european builders use the rails made by Gie-Tec but you probably already knew that …


Jups but i still hope for the secret chinese super cheap top quality instant delivery supplier :wink:


I know thonk is also going to be selling rails reel soon…