Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!




Email sent :slight_smile:


@fcd72: actually I like having those big caps there. they make the busboard look more pro and hi-fi plus I like it when the leds go out slowly when I turn the power off.


You could solder them to an empty Slot…


yeah that’s right! or make a little board just for the caps… a capboard.


I now have a use for my 10mm blue retina burners that I ordered by mistake.


This might be what sends me down the rabbit hole.


@Admviolin. That’s funny. Usually it’s a sweet demo of a modular jam or buying an Anushri thst sends people into a downward modular spiral…not a bus board. Ha. :wink:


I already have the anushri, and just watched the four hour edition of “I dream of wires” documentary on modulars. I’ve been fighting the pull all year


I gotcha. Welcome to the party.


Email sent. I’m sure I’ll work it out once I have it all in front of me.


I not planning to get killed in any way, but if all of my equipment will fall to my boys.


And my planned power supply is ready:


So i think i fell down the rabbit hole as well… I’ve got a proto Edge module here and +12 -12 5V power supply on the boat from china. I’ve got a lot of woodworking tools here so a case should not be a problem. Now i just need some rails i guess to mount it al on…, where do you get those?


you either get a subrack or you can get both the rails and rack ears from Schneiders
something like these:


or this one:

just one note about the subracks BGT: they usually use M2,5 screws, but M3 would be the eurorack standard


@rumpelfilter I wish you could get them that cheap in the US. I would buy 2 right now.


analog haven doesn’t have them for the same price?


oh thanks… i think i get it… this should be ok too then?


Well, they have the tiptop units, but not the reichelt subrack.