Eurorack Power Bus Board PCBs available for the Shruthizen! Enroll for Summer!

As my ever growing collection of Modules must be somehow fed i discovered a distinct lack of usable Power Distribution boards, especially of the DIY Kind.
While you easily can make one on PerfBoard for 5 or 7 Modules doing this for 4 Rows with 85 TE Each is a tedious task.
So i decided to design a 18 Plug Eurorack Power Bus Board:

  • Plugs conform to the DŒPFER Eurorack Bus Connector Standard (see here for Details)
  • Board is 14,8" x 1,5" (376mm x 38mm)
  • 18 Slots for either 16Pin or 5Pin Plugs (to your like)
  • CV and Gate Lines split into 4 with Pads to Bridge
  • +5V, +12V, -12V Indicator LEDs
  • at each end nice big Pads to solder the connecting wires. As these Boards are intended for implementation into a case a plug doesnt make much sense here, your electrical house installation isnt plugged either?
  • first run was matte black with white silkscreening
  • second run was white with black silkscreening
  • third run will be blue with white silkscreening
  • fourth run will be vintage green with white silkscreening
  • fifth run will be red with white silkscreening
  • nice big Warning Signs on the Silkscreening

I ordered a few Boards more as i guessed the average fellow Shruhtizen™ might need some of those, so i have 40 Boards to let go. Price per Board is 16,00€ + Shipping. I can provide the needed parts (Headers, LEDs, Resistors) for an additional 3€.

If you are interested, drop me a mail via fcdaniels (funnyashapedcharacter) me (punkt) com

UPDATE: The actual June 2k14 Flight is fully booked, 1 Board is 16€, 3 are 45€, Shipping intl as registered Mail is 7,5€ non EU orders please please order 2 Boards minimum - Customs is a hassle.

UPDATE: The upcoming Winter 2k14 flight will be ordered at a break of 40 ordered PCBs is ordered ! Price and rules as above. This time in Vintage Green!

UPDATE: The upcoming Spring 2k15 flight will be ordered at a break of 30 ordered PBCs. Price and rules as above. This time in Danger Red!

UPDATE: The Summer 2k15 flight will be SunshinyYellow and include all Headers + Rs + LEDs, will be ordered at 30 reservations!

Cool Frank. I might be interested if you could help with getting it hooked up. My uZeus is going to be overwhelmed soon.

I’d suggest you hook it up to a more beefy PSU like this

Just connect your uZeus Flying Bus board to the EPB-18 and you should be ready to go if your µZeus has some power left…

where do you put the big caps on this one? :slight_smile:

where do you hook up the programmer?

my Meanwell powers a whole 9U Rack without additional Caps :wink:

this one is to complex for a programmer, so i gave up on this…

looks cool if I think it does what it does!

It does exactly what you think…

Heres the BOM from Reichelt

3pcs 2x50 Headers , you will have to break them to 2x8 by yourselves
3pcs LED
2pcs 1k Resistor
1pc 220R Resistor

@fcd72 "I’d suggest you hook it up to a more beefy PSU like this

Just connect your uZeus Flying Bus board to the EPB-18 and you should be ready to go if your µZeus has some power left…."

What is needed to connect that PSU up to these boards? And does that PSU just plug straight to mains?
I’ve just very recently got a µZeus Happy Ending kit and I can already see myself out growing it.

May i drool ?
This looks like it could mate a Baugruppenträger…damned this vortex is pulling me in !

The meanwell is just the PSU, you need to connect it by yourselves to Mains and the PowerBoards.

I have matching Plexi Panels to mount to the Backside Rails of your Baugruppenträger…

Arrghh, later this year. First i need the LXR, and still have to pay for a JX-3P…

@nightworxx - what if you get killed in a car accident?



didn’t mean I wanted to use it with the uZues. I just meant that my uZues is reaching its capacity and this might be something useful. Ideally I would use it with the power supply Frequency Central is working on.

@fcd72 I understand how the PSU connects to the board but does the PSU just accept a standard plug?
Sorry for being a dumb arse! Could I run 3 of these off that supply? Then I can make a 3 row Ikea Rast.

@Sammy123 Yes I know. I’m in the same situation.

depends on how much current your modules draw - with a rack full of Metasonix it will be hard…
The PSU accepts any Plug you attach to it, what you certainly want to know if it accetps your local Voltage… according to the Datasheet you can plug it into anywhere on this planet.

@fcd72: I think I got the same Meanwell as you have… and you told me to add the caps :slight_smile:

I will gladly refund the 72ct for these becaus of bad bad bad advise :wink: