Eurorack panels DIY

A friend of mine wants to make a little DIY VCO for the eurorack format, and wants to make some aluminium panels for it. Anybody knows what options are available out there? He just wants 20 pcs to be made, so I don’t know which solution could be the best for such a low number… He already looked at Schaeffer but it seems they only engrave with CNC drill, which is not so precise. laser engraving could be better… any hints?


great! Thanks a lot… any idea about how much they charge for a panel?

none whatsoever, it isn’t mentioned … but it is impressive. you just have to design the panel and ask for a quote.
Send for a sample like I did …


i do it this way
+buy std 3he alu panels like this
available in all sizes 15,20 30 50 …246 (norm) 1-10Euro per panel depends on size
+paint your own panel e.g with gimp ( i use that and with my own gfx makros fitting the grid :slight_smile:
+print it out in a copy shop with laser printer on brilliancy paper or stick-on labels ( german word ist selbstklebefolie ) …not normal paper ( because of next step )
cut out the labels
put it on the panels
and finish it with 2K lack

1 panel will cost at all 3-15Euro depends on size …
note make more at same time … u can use 2k lack only once because of 2komponent
lg widy

Nice work widy!


Whoa, that looks amazing !

I am going to try I am going to try this it looks a bit a bit fiddly but the quality looks reasonable.

@widy75 hey that’s a brilliant idea! And the result looks quite polished! thanks a lot!


im not sure if i should hate or thank mutable instruments because
my first build diy synth was a shruthi than antother shruthi and anushri but i was totaliy infected by diy and end up with such grap … all my spare time is gone :slight_smile: … no im just kidding …thx mi for showing me the right way :slight_smile:

Widy: are these kits of self designed modules? if kits can you share the link? :slight_smile: Please

@widy75: That’s one lot of consistently looking modules! Yeah Shruthi’s are known to be a gateway drug into DIY GAS

most of them are kits
-first i build the doepfer diy synth …
-mfos vco,vca,24db lp vcf, ar gernerator…
this where my first projects after shruthi … i started doing my own panel design with gimp ( with the panels im not so happy was just the first experience…im not so happy because some spaces between knobs or so on is not what i want after playing with it after a view month :slight_smile:
then i did the asm-2 from elby design … i learned from the past
i also added a 3rd vco yusytnh , 1 3xmix yusynth ,2 2xmix, midi interface nordcore
midi inferface is from nordcore ( forum )
for this project i designed the panels and put all together and made ONE front panel ( because the asm-2 also is only one pcb )
the frontpanel was made then by … alu-dibond 2mm … with the right size selected and then i upload the panel as tif picture … and i got the panel back … it costs ~60euro for the whole panel …and alu dibon is cool to work with … drilling holes are easier then the alu panels

then i started okley modular synth stuff ( currently ongoing :slight_smile:
-vco , cota , croglin , dualvca , vca , lfo , adsr , adsr upgrade , ring mod , overdrive
for this i also created my own panels i i did the panels like described in the first post

i only search for kits but i always do my panels by my self to get one look and feel , and it dosned matter if a kit is 3he 5u or other stuff …
big front panels i alwyse do with
for smale one as described in the first post …

i do all panel design in gimp … has my own gfx for buttons , leds , label stuff … its just inserting and moving of layers because gimp is normaly a paint program … but it works … and its free … if i decide then doing one panel i also can just insert all smale panels in one big gfx and create one panels …if all fit the same grid its very easy…

pic shows the asm panel

so if anyone what the layouts for this synths for gimp just send me a pm with e.g skype nick … i can upload it … because its all to big for upload here 100mb-1GB for all … the final tifs are smaler but then u can not edit it

lg widy

thank you for this link, very useful.
the synth looks great

thanks widy ill take a look at those links once i get home

Hi widy!

I’ve just been researching alu-dibond since reading your post, and it does indeed look like an excellent choice for front panels, as you say easier to drill than solid aluminimum, and I know you can get it in different colours if you shop around

Thanks for the info!


I’ve just discovered you can get Dibond in metallic, woodgrain and stone effects too!


Alu Dibond is really great! Why didn’t I think of it before! We used to make fair stands and exhibition stuff at work with it…
@widy75 to me your panels look quite good! I mean I also like modulars with different styles mixed in, but certainly having them all with the same panels and knobs has a certain appeal! Thanks for sharing all the infos btw!

It’s good stuff but can be very fragile. I’ve mounted photographs on it in the past for exhibitions, and just the slightest bit of adverse pressure can damage the (very thin) aluminium…