Eurorack output / headphone

Hello there !
Here’s a new stupid thread :smiley:

I made a stupid order some days ago because I was totally wrong on the functionalities of this module :roll_eyes:
I bought a Black PFL to go with my Erica Synths black stereo mixer but I realize that I wanted something that take in count the knobs positions on my stereo mixer ----- to make some monitoring before recording ! Damned !

So the main idea is recording what’s output of my stereo mixer in my 4MS Stereo Triggered Sampler and to listen to it with headphones.

I could do this with the PFL with the monitoring option of the STS but I think that I can go simpler !

Any idea ?
Pico Output ? Intellijel uJack or something else ?
What would be your wiring ?

Thank you and have a good day !

Not really sure what you need. do you mean that you need something that will take the output of the mixer and send that to the 4ms sampler letting you listen via headphones? I guess you’d need a bufered multiple and some headphone amp module, so you can just multiply the output from the mixer to both the sample and the headphones. But yeah… maybe you have to explain what you want to do in more detail.

Yes that’s it. I was just wondering if I could make that just with headphone module. So stereo out of my stereo mixer to 4ms STS and the ability to listen with headphones. I made that with stackable cables and a Zoom H4N but modular levels are too hot.

The Zoom should take it if you just pull the input volume way down (like .5% to 2%)

Yes but the idea is to free the H4N :slight_smile: