Eurorack module testing tool (DIY)


@fcd72 unfortunately the module tester wouldn’t have helped me there…the left two holes fit fine, the right two need some filing. And why a 12pin header and no jack grounding? I think some more planning could have been helpful in that module’s design.

Also, I need more modulation sources! Need any testers for some really, really red LFOs? :wink:


As soon as the INFRARED Firmware, featuring the new goodies Trigger Out, Phase Reset In, Tap Tempo (thats a hard one…), more Waveforms, and CV control for Tempo/Phase is done…

EDIT i always forget the User Waveform…


I know it’s not meant for it. But how much modules do you think i could power with the module testing tool?


Depends on the modules :wink: Its power supply is modelled on the Ambika, so there should be room for a couple (that aren’t made by Metasonix…)




Oh I forgot that I have to buy a new power supply for this. Anyone have a good USA source for the a/c supply?


Jameco has the right one for $10. I am going to get it along with materials for making ribbon cables from them as they seem to have the best prices on those things. I can post links in a few minutes.





Looking at the specs of MI modules this could power 5 to 6 modules… That would be a nice start into modular.


IMO you’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re planning to use this as power for a system. you want your modules secure, in a case with dedicated power. spend the money and start right. doepfer LC6 is all you need. use the tester and you’ll have janky wiring flying everywhere, modules precariously placed and no fun when patching.


I want to build something like this…except I want it to house the tester and the modules I am testing.


I agree with the Jawa. I caved and got a real PSU and am happy about it. If you are on a budget just go with a Mean Well type supply and make some bus boards a la fcd72/rumpelfilter/others. I went with a Zeus because it will run on 9-15VDC and I have ideas for a battery powered rig with a Tiny Giant amp


Well I’m not really sure how far I want to go into modular… At the moment I ve got one edges prototype at home I d love to power up. And i maybe I just want to build a small desktop synth with the edges and a filter or something. And the module tester seems useful anyway. Would the module tester fit in euro rack?


No. I held my bare pcb up to my rack amd it is a little too large.


You could always still build something like this to use your Edges and a filter or whatever else, just have to make a cable to get your power into it and to your modules.


lol. I’ve just bricked mine. had a screaming child in other hand while trying to show tester to a friend. connected my fcuk adsr module backwards at the tester side. tester powers on with half the display and random LEDs lit.

I am such a fucking twat. :frowning: need to check if adsr is ok but presuming its not. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu




adsr works fine. tester power supply is distributing power to chips ok. must investigate in depth when I get a chance.


I shorted the Vcc and +5 lines of the tester output. which means I put about 12v on the atmega and whatever other chip was being powered on the 5v line? oops.

luckily I have a spare atmega. not sure about the rest.

it strikes me that the tester should be more robust - especially as I was planning on using this for breadboard power duties. shouldn’t all the rest of the tester circuit be protected from such things as shorting the power ribbon outputs?

not to take away from my original moment of carelessness though.


back in the saddle, ordered replacement chips and a new lcd. i’m nothing if not tenacious. that 5+ line is going to stay hidden from now on i think!