Eurorack module testing tool (DIY)


Can confirm this, theres a mounting hole for an xtra standoff that supports the PCB when a Plug is inserted.

Where did you get the GREEEEEN Caps???


@fcd72: In this bag:


parts ordered! lets dooo this. This puppy is going to help me build a KLEE.

might get a ponoko bamboo case done for this harking back to my shruti-1 build of yesteryear.


@fcd72/pichenettes do either of you guys have an vector file for the faceplate you could share?



what resistor are you guys using for R0? I’m using the same Shruthi LCD that came with the shruthi kits.

10 ohm?


I’m using a bridge with the Newhaven ones.


roger :slight_smile:


nearly done.

the pcb art calls for 1n4004 diodes, the BOM lists 1n4001. i think these are more or less interchangeable here unless i’m mistaken.

did you guys put conductive paste down for the heatsinks?


1N4001 and 1N4004 differ only in max voltage they can handle, and the lowest one is well above voltages used in this application.

It’s always a good idea to add conductive paste to heat sinks. I’m using 12VAC power supply with my Euro tester and heat sinks are pretty warm after prolonged use.


love those green caps! Unfortunately they don’t have all the values…


they have 4.7u and 10u which are very popular in audio paths


yep got the 10uF ones! Hoped they would have 1uF as well…


for 1uF caps you can go with WIMA, they arguably are better than electrolytic ones…


Mouser BOM

Just in case anyone else is still planning to build one, this might be of help!

Unconfirmed so far: it’s a direct copy of the BOM in the project page with edits for the 74HC165 and 74HC595 parts to update for obsolete references
I added a 6.8ohm resistor for the current limiting resistor for the LCD but then saw above in this thread that pichenettes mentioned just using a bridge, I think in reference to the same resistor?
As of right now, Mouser is out of ATmega644s and one of the electrolytic capacitors.


and we’re live! bonus unknown red display is the dog’s bollocks! here she is testing a roland 100m envelope like a champ. another great project olivier, thanks so much. now i really have no excuse to not dive into some diy module design.


Nice work. I need to get a panel made. I also have to program the chip. I am a little nervous about that.

I want to built a rack for it that can hold it and the module that I would be testing.

Isn’t that a nice EG?


I’m putting my mouser order in this week too, this is my last summer project. The programming is not that hard.

My experience is in the forums under “Learning to flash again.”

(Hopefully this will help others avoid the problems I ran into.)


It doesn’t sound too difficult and I have been following that thread. Like any new process it can be intimidating. A step by step guide probably exists out there somewhere.


Learning together :wink:

I have to wait 'til I can get my hands on an ATmega, everywhere seems to be out…and I need to get a programmer. Maybe should have just snagged a preprogrammed one this last time, oh well.

I built my Ginkosynthese TTLFO today and would have been much more comfortable using this to test it instead of unplugging all my other modules and plugging it into the bus board and crossing my fingers while flipping the switch :smiley: All’s well, though!


How does it fit to your Case? :wink: