Eurorack module testing tool (DIY)




i’m in :slight_smile:


Done :slight_smile:


:smiley: yawn…now I can sleep well.


Cases also available… if you can make use of this you probably know where to ask…


@fcd you have mail :wink:


purchased-yay! bedtime now…


Fcd72 how much for a case?


I will have to calculate, about twice the Shruthi i guess since its about twice the size.


huh? does the board fit into 3U euro rack?


I don’t think it does, and let me tell you, you are having very evil thoughts.


i’m totally innocent :slight_smile:
i was thinking of putting some tools in one big metal case but that would make it kinda stationary. i guess a mobile testing tool would be more useful since i only build them at home and it’s a quicker job to take the tool with me when something’s wrong


It doesnt fir as long as you want it parralel to the Panel. Sadly. I tried.


yeah portable box for sure. racks are bad mkay.


My envelope arrived in my non-rioting part of Stockholm. That was seriously quick! And there was much rejoicing.


what? you take notice of what happens off-synth? or off bench
i was too late for pcb+ ATMEGA tonight so i’ll have to learn flashing again :smiley:


Bizarro, ain’t it? I figured I’d also do the flash and the pan for this one.


ETA on more PCBs with programmed chips? Waited until payday and poof! Chips sold out.


I have flashed a few chips and update the stock status. But I don’t understand… You’re buying this because you do a lot of DIY, why don’t you spend a bit (at most 30€) to get a programmer?


Because I keep convincing myself that I don’t need one, that the Shruthi, then the MidiALF, and now this is the last Atmel project I’ll have for awhile. Of course, I think you know my habits and those of similar folks better than I know myself :slight_smile: