Eurorack module testing tool (DIY)


So I originally started using a 12V DC adapter for this and it was working (but only the clock out would have a signal). I searched on this thread and discovered that I needed to use a 12VAC adapter.
So I went and bought one, thinking that I was lucky not to have blown up something on the module with my DC adapter. After powering it on, everything seemed to be working, except that all the jacks except the clock out still wasn’t sending any signals, unless I pressed down on them. I figured that I just needed to solder them better.

Shortly afterwards, the big 4700uF starts smoking, and leaking.


So I just discovered that the 12VAC adapter I use shorts the +12V to ground when I plug it in (I tested this without the adapter plugged into power. This isn’t normal is it? It is a cheap chinese power adapter from my local electronics store.