Eurorack lowpass VCF comparison (includes one you know)

Not sure how much one can hear from a youtube video, but could be interesting nonetheless

I picked Ripples as my favourite (without knowing what it was of course). I know, I’m just kissing ass…

I always turned my nose up at noisy polivoks demos before, but within the range of normal, it has me intrigued! I think ill order one of the Erica boards.

I must say that on my laptop speakers they all sound similar :slight_smile:
Even while he is using the 2 pole output on the Ripples and others are probably 4 pole.
Ripples is one of the most decent and musical sounding in this demo. But the polivoks really stands out as fat.

Most of the other guys are 2-pole too - I think that’s why he used Ripples’ 2-pole output.

I have the Erica polivoks, it’s a very simple build as there’s almost no capacitors.

@shiftr: on laptop speaker you won’t be able to tell the difference between a farting capybara and Don Buchla singing “Happy Birthday”.

You’re telling me that wasn’t Don Buchla?

And what kind of speakers are needed to tell the difference between a farting Don Buchla and a capybara singing “Happy Birthday”?

what else?

@BennelongBicyclist: exactly!

this one could also work:

I think they all have their own character and functionality. Personally none of the filters in the video would be my “go to” vcf (I own 2 from the video). I’m a huge fan of the Amsynths AM8109 (JP8 clone) and the Frequency Central System X VCF (System 100 clone). They just sound nearly perfect to me.