Eurorack jams (including many MI modules)
Here is my very first attempt with my new eurorack. It’s a bit too noisy and chaotic, but it was my first day with this beauty… :slight_smile:

Half of the modules were by mutable instruments! And I adore them :smiley:
Frames is mixing DPOs waveforms and tides is animating frames at the beginning. Peaks makes the drum sound, braids is played freestyle (should get a doepfer ribbon controller), yarns plays the rs95e and shades is my mixing tool. Maths is used as lfo and cv generator. Rene is generating one of the melodies. Dual ADSR is used for envelopes and uvca as vca…

Echophon, warp filter and spring reverb are shaping the sounds. I’m also using an eventide space reverb for more stereo sound (the patch is mono).

I’m super overwhelmed by the possibilities of the modules! I couldn’t create something even slightly similar with a normal synth or ableton live. I’m in love!

The case is made by me. It’s inspired by monorocket cases and it’s 126hp x 9u. You can find my built reports here

There is also an alternative second, longer take. I couldn’t decide which one I like more :confused:

I’m going to add some new videos during my exploration of all these fantastic modules.

Love it!

This is great. I can’t wait to watch more videos.

Very cool. So many modules for being the first day - did you sell a kidney?

No, but I sold much hardware stuff (Tempest, iMac, even my ambika :/) I got uninspired by them and always hated that I couldn’t automate and sync x with y. I also couldn’t play everything at the same time. I could have used a computer, but I hate to make music on it… I had the strong feeling that eurorack would be the way to go. Even when I only watched videos, I got so many patch ideas :smiley: And I can play like 2-3 melodies + drums in a relative small and clear package, Also some of my favorite artists (james holden, luke abbott, blawan, etc.) are using eurorack. There are some sounds that you can only do with modular.
I also got some good deals on the modules (pioneer run :slight_smile:
I’m extremely happy with my decision. It’s such a creative power house. <3

Nice. That was enjoyable to listen too.
You may want to check you mixer gain though. The clipping covered up some of the detail of the distortions and overdrives.

Modular Jam 4: Peaks on acid
Peaks took too much acid… :smiley:
Braids is playing the main melody and warp filter is… filtering it. Peaks plays the awesome drums (as well as my tanzbär) and its pattern gets generated by Grids. The snare sound gets also filtered by MMG to get some more acid sounds. … Thats it :slight_smile:
I definitely need to get a second peaks… I play with it on the second half of the video.

I also uploaded my Modular Jam 2. Its even more noisy than my first jam. It’s also based on the same idea as the first video (echophon, wasp, etc.) don’t really like it. However here it is:

Dude, you really get into it! I used to be more like that back in my college days as a DJ. I’ve slowed down to a couple finger points and head bobs these days!

Either way, Jam #4 was awesome. I don’t know if I’d call it Acid, but it still thumps. Peaks is definitely a must-have for my as-yet unbuilt modular system.

Another jam, this time more raw, hard hitting techno. It has no real beginning and end, I just started recording midway.

I used Braids, Tides and DPO as sound source. Dark Time & Rene is sequencing, Tanzbär is creating the drums. Distortion/saturation is created by the lovely Track Thickener.

Great work, I’m looking forward to listening more from you :slight_smile:

The techno jam is a beaut, reminiscent of Karenn, awesome

I’ve never heard the track thickener, she looks expensive though… Are there any alternatives to that style of post processing (for a poor man)?