Eurorack during the pandemic

What’s you story of Eurorack during the pandemic? It has been a challenging period for most, so I thought it might be interesting to share.

Has Eurorack been an emotional crutch? Do you play more than ever, or did you play so much that you’ve lost interest? Has the style or sounds you play changed? Did you start during the pandemic, or did you give it away?

I got my first eurorack modules in Dec 2019, so the start of my pandemic was filled with endless exploration and playing. It was honestly the perfect distracton, and I didn’t need any excuse for why I wasn’t going out on weekends, :smile: The supply constraints did mean I ended up waiting 6 months of my Ochd, but it was well worth it.

I finished one solo album (equivalent to a double CD in length) and then recorded and released two more. I also remixed/compiled two Hyberus compilations, in lieu of our fifth album, which is held up by social distancing and lockdown in the UK.

So, yes, my Eurorack system (and other gear) has been very useful during these interesting times!

Synthesizers are always of help in any hard times.


After the first lockdown in France I decided to buy an eurorack system and other synth gear

The first portion of the lockdown I mixed and mastered my debut álbum (74 mins). I managed to get the attention of a net label so I published there.
Then showing my explorations online I got the attention of a talented key player and we decided to collaborate. An EP came out of that, and it’s going to be published on January next year.
Also I needed a distortion module so I started breadboarding and that became a product.
So it’s been kind of cool but not for my economy.