Eurorack cases are expensive

Am I going to do any better than the Doepfer A-100 LC-line of cases?

A friend of mine was going to give me a gutted 3U case, but I decided it would only end up as clutter.

So I’m looking at the LC6 and the LC9- which qualify as “relatively inexpensive”.

Also, I’m considering starting a eurorack case business…

Yes, unfortunately cases are expensive. I’m also on the search for a good, but inexpensive case. I heard that the doepfer low cost cases aren’t that stabil. Hmz.

Well, it wouldn’t be too difficult to secure it with some metal stripping and table clamps or to attach the case to a weighted base.

But, if I’m spending $500 on a case, I hope it would be fit for the task without modifications…

Im satisfied with the LC cases. The PSU has nice olschool symmetric ±12V but no 5V Rail so you need to connect the rails somehow and have a 5V Adapter (Mutable Instruments Volts is highly recommended!) - pay attention that you only have 2A for +12V and 5V altogether, if you have many many digital modules this might be not enough.

All in all its a Studio Case, not meant to be tossed around by a Roadie.

I tried having nice Cases manufactured and gave up as i can’t do any better than the LC Series.
If you are into carpentry just get some Rails, a PSU and some BusBoards and there you go….

I constructed my own 6U case for about 100 euro… meanwell PSU, busboard from frank, the rail strips from reichelt and some wood.

Rast Shack

Can beat Ikea Rast on pure value… Stain the wood until you’re happy if you don’t like pine.

I started out with a doepfer LC6 and it does the job perfectly. As Frank said, you’ll need to get an MI Volts if you plan on using any digital modules.
But the cases and power supply in all doepfer cases are good solid and reliable.

So you only need one Volts? Does it act as a converter for the entire rail and then I’ll have a 12v rail and a 5v rail?


One volts isn’t capable of feeding multiple Amps worth of current, but yes. It spits out +5V to that rail for all the digital modules needing that. Kick ass little thingy.

Well I’m thinking starting at 6u would make the most sense, as I have no idea what I’m trying to accomplish with this thing. But, knowing me and what I eventually want out of a modular, it wouldn’t make any sense to get a 6U that I’ll sell in 3 months.

9u it is.

Doepfer LC cases are really good value for the money.

its so much value for money that i actually have 2.

  • you can involve your significant other in painting it! How often does it happen that she’ll look forward for your delivery of gear?

Haha, nice suggestion, but I think that a severe allergy against me getting more stuff is developing… Oy ve!

@RyanA4 - In the folly of my searching around for Eurorack stuff, I came across this company - They have a 9U case for $225. I haven’t talked to them, but that’s the best price I’ve seen so far. Add a meanwell PSU for ~$40\ and\ some\ bus\ boards~$40 each and you’re good to go. Or, build your own (the way I’m leaning). Or, cram it into an ikea rast (more $$$ for modules)

That does look nice, though I’ve never heard of a case being made from foamy stuff… The Rast is a decent idea, although you don’t get optimal use of the space…

I ended up making my 9U case from five pieces of wooden board we had lying around, so no real money spent there… :slight_smile:


I’ve actually been to that guy’s apartment. He used to make angled cheeks for Elektron products. He’s kind of in between Downtown and Pasadena.

The PVC Foam he uses is pretty heavy duty. Haven’t been off my OT since!

Doing the math, though, it doesn’t save you much vs. a 100% ready to go LC9.

Looks wise, it wins. And it’s probably a lot more stable. Something to consider.