Eurorack beginning

Hello to everyone
I decide to sign in this forum because i am a newbbie in eurorack (i find quite difficult to patch any tips where to learn cv and patching?), but i try to learn the basics it is what i need Hope fully someone can help

I have this modules:
Marbles, blades ,plaits, eloquencer ,erika synth black hole and zadar

I am still on time to give the module that i dint need back ,anb buy what make the experience more playable

Any suggestions for a start? I want keep plaits and marbles

Thanks for your answers

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Hi Arturio,
There are hundreds of interesting clips on Youtube on patch ideas and modular basics.

Perhaps you can check out Learning Modular on YT as a start?



Thanks i appreciate your tips. You can say From the photo of my modular kit if i have chance to make some self generated patches?
I will appreciate any help
Thanks :pray:t2: thanks

Omri Cohen’s youtube channel has a lot of tutorials where he builds up a patch in real-time.

Perhaps his introduction to Plaits would be a good starting point.

Most of all, you just need to be patient and put in alot of time into learning the basics. The setup you have is well considered. You have all the ingredients that you need at this stage. Most of your modules are quite deep, so you need to learn what they can do.

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Definitely, I’ve had Marbles since it came out, but I only pressed the “N” button a couple of weeks ago…WOW…never knew it did that…must read manuals properly :roll_eyes:

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Hi @Arturio !
You have already good modules here, I would start with the marbles (t1) going into the plaits trig going into the Erica’s dsp (enter in mono, out in stereo) only for the beginning, just to understand how it react. Marbles can generate trigs for the plaits and generates sequenced cv for your plaits.
So another out from marble (x1) going into the v/oct of your plaits. (X out is more for tonal use, and T outs for rythmics). Then you can play with the marbles, tweaks and creates generative sequences.
The plaits is perfect for the beginning because it have his own LPG and you have tons of textures and sonic capabilities.

If you wanna go further, you can self oscillate your blades, and use it as oscillator. (Then connect x3 from marbles to the v/oct) but you’ll need a vca and a mixer :slight_smile:

Good luck, and abuse of divkid tutorials on YouTube for the NI modules, super helpful !

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Another trough, the sequencer is so big; I would not keep it for the beginning, marbles is perfect for small generative sequences. I would give a go for a smaller one, and add a couple of oscillators for the filter, about the blades, I’m not sure that a dual filter is a good move for beginning, I would keep money for a mixer section (like STmix from befaco) and a smaller, simpler filter like the Forbidden planet from tiptop audio, and one M.I Veils for VCA.
Then you would have a small sequencer (marbles), 3 sound sources (2 VCO+Plaits), A multimode filter for your VCOs, enveloppes generators and 4 VCA to handle the VCOs and 2 futures sound sources. Im not familiar to the zadar, but MI Stages is a very good start for enveloppes and modulations, and you can transform it to a 6 steps sequencer also… but then you should add a dual adsr maybe.

Hope it will help a bit

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Something like that

Hello Amnesy

Thank you very much for answer to my questions, i agree with you about i need more vco and mixer in fact i feel that i miss things also if i am new in Eurorack.

i had in mind this set up what you think? thanks for your patience and time!!

thank you for your thoughts i appreciate!! :pray:

thank you very much for your answer i appreciate :pray:

thanks for take the time to answer i apreciate :pray:

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Personally I would swap the Erica DSP for a Happy Nerding FXAID XL, much smaller and very easy to load new effects into it.


I agree. The FX Aid sounds really good and is very flexible for a smaller setup as you can load/change the effects as your needs change. It can now also generate noise and basic waveforms so it can second as an ”oscillator”.


@Arturio no problem :slight_smile:
First row is perfect in my opinion, I have doubt about all that instruo modules, they are very HP hungry. In marbles; you have already a kind of scales for your generative part, I like the harmonaig but I’m not sure it will will very useful for now (but still a very good scaler), and I think that the TROICA are too large for your rack size, If you want modularity, I would go for a 2 VCO like the make noise DPO, because you can have flexibility of doing complex oscilliation and have them separate to do more clean sounds if needed. The granular synth is a beast but will need a lot of practice :slight_smile:
Think about to have a couple of drums sounding modules, it can fit in your rack, then you could have both tonal and percussions sounds in one system. I would trade the harmonaig and the troica for a drum synthesis module, and the make noise DPO for flexibility.
If you can, keep some free space for the future, your needs will progress with experience. And you will find that space is very very important. That’s why M.I are dope, it’s very well optimised for space, unlike Instruo (witch sounds good but man…)

For me, the black hole DSP is dope, I have one too, sold it a couple of years and buyed again last month, I love his sound, it can make a simple waveform sounding like horns of hells. But I agree that the FXAid is a good beast too and very HP saver !

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Personally, I would go with a Pam’s New Workout in place of the Peaks - gives you a lot more flexibility and a really good master clock for the whole system. Mine clocks Marbles and provides a lot of extra modulation and triggers for the rest of my rack. Stages and Veils both excellent additions.

I would definitely check out the Instruo modules in VCV Rack before taking the plunge in that direction. The only one I have in my rack is an Arbhar, which is becoming slightly redundant now that Beads is present. I agree with Amnesy that they really call for a much larger rack to accomodate the HP.

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Very nice :+1:
I don’t mention the style of music i want to make it is generative ambien melodic
Quite and space stuff
This modules that you suggest are they good for this style of music i will like to achieve?
Thanks ones again for take the time to answer

@Arturio good point.
DPO can be used for ambiant sounds but it’s not the style where it shine. You can find maybe other oscillators who are designed for ambiant. What kind of ambiant then ? because if you are doing dark ambiant, you will have other needs than if you are doing more zen, luminous ambiant for relaxing in spa :slight_smile:
Rings is very good for ambiant, coupled with Stages you can morph 6 parameters with slow LFO and doing evolving textures. I think, for the beginning, you can start with Plaits, Rings, Beads (for granular ambiant textures), and something like a wavetable oscillator to morph your sound slowly. Make noise DPO is great somewhere because both oscillators can self oscillate each others with slow LFO, and a shimmer reverb, it can do really good evolving sounds.
Rings for sure is a beast for bells, strings, zen sounds ! the combinaison with Beads or any other granular effect can be very powerful in ambiant. I’m not very good into wavetables oscillators but I’m sure you can find some ressources here, or in YouTube.
good luck !

A good ressource for sure is : PATCH&TWEAK book, you can buy it without any doubt, it will help you before, and after, because you will have a huge selections of modules, with history, descriptions, and so on… a very very good start !

Hello Amnesy

thank you for your replay :pray: i appreciate

this is the style of music i like : Eurorack Generative Ambient Music - "reciprocity" - #20 - YouTube i will love to reproduce something similar :relaxed:listen to the voices beautiful…

this will be my goal without pretensions :grin: Life Behind Glass - 30 minutes of Ambient Generative Modular for Sleep/Focus/Meditation/Relaxation - YouTube

Hello Fuseball
thank you for your comment i appreciate

i agree for pamela and from instruo i will take just arbhar for experimentation sound design for the mic :grin:

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