Eurorack Beginner

Hello everyone,

I am just starting to put together a Eurorack and have already read a lot of interesting information in the forum. I am very enthusiastic about the Mutable Instruments modules. I am currently playing with the modules Plaits, Ripples, Rings and Clouds and am trying to understand the functions down to the last detail. Now I’m looking for a module that makes my system more generative.
I have already looked at the MI modules Tides, Stages and Marbles, but as a beginner it is very difficult for me to find out what would be the right one for the beginning.
I am grateful for any advice or the advantages and disadvantages of the individual modules for my system



You can play most of the Mutable modules in software form for free on VCV rack.

Marbles best describes what you’re looking for from the MI range

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I would say go with Marbles. Plaits and Rings both effectively have built-in envelope generators, so Stages is less necessary than it might be with traditional oscillators. And Marbles is terrifically handy for generating both triggers and CVs (and being able to quantize those to scales).

Obviously everyone’s needs are different, and I have all three, but I think with those sound sources, Marbles is a good foundation.

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Thanks for the recommendations

Marbles is absolutely fantastic,it can help you to do and understand a lot of fonctions in modular world!
Absolutely indispensable,fun,infinite fun!