Eurorack Basic Case

Trying to decide between these two case options:

I’m not looking for a ton of modules, but at least a Braids, Grids, Edges, TTA 808 modules. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I’m really happy with the Tiptop rails and ears. I currently have 6 of them in my setup and plan on picking up 2 more set. Just a quick note… both the 4ms and Tiptop are open on the bottom, back, and front so your modules will be exposed. Also, if your modules are more than a couple inches deep they won’t work in “desktop mode”. You can also rack mount both of those kits… That being said, they both preform the same function so go with whatever you can find cheaper.

If open rails are your thing, pretty hard to beat Elby.

Maybe you just wait a bit - i just returned from my Carpenter…

a full 3U subrack costs new at Reichelt about 50€ including all panels (top, bottom) however i always buy used ones for about 10-15€ on ebay. need to add a panel or a beam with threadings here and there but looks the same from the front.

@xtrmnt: hey, i had no idea 4ms does racks and psus now!

@mic.w yes indeed! and some are kits! :slight_smile:

I wish they had rack ears :frowning:

132mm x 25mm x 50mm aluminum angles, a few holes and you’re set :slight_smile:

If you want cheap baugruppenträger, look for secondhand VME racks…the 8-bit ones are 3U, the 16-bit ones are 6U but you may have to move a centre rail from the back to the front.

@fcd72 does this mean d:machinery cases in the near future? :slight_smile:

Hard to see, always in motion the future is™ Master Yoda

But somehow my fate sticks to enclusuresque ventures…

is frac the same size as euro? The paia one is $62…

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I came across this when using Google to calculate 84hp x 5.08mm. Might be relevant to the souls or lack thereof for Eurorack modules and their frequent buying and reselling (reincarnation?)

@altitude I don’t think it is. Frac is 5u. Eurorack is 3u.

Frac and Eurorack are both 3u. Frac however has a different hole alignment.

Frac only has one mounting hole per 1.5"-more details here and here.

As an aside, Frac has been shrinking in popularity, to put it mildly-it was only ever really taken up by American manufacturers, and a lot of its popularity in DIY was due to the fact that it shared power connection specs with SynthTech MOTM, so that during the era of MOTM DIY hegemony MOTM-format boards could be put on their side to fit behind a Frac panel.

This DIY-friendliness may have in fact doomed it. Companies like Flight of Harmony and SynthTech themselves were stuck with a lot of unsold manufactured Frac modules around the turn of the decade, so most manufacturers then dumped the format. Additionally, the fact that the boards on many Frac modules stick out like sore thumbs in an era when people increasingly want modules that are skiff- and carry-on-friendly wouldn’t have helped. Bugbrand was probably the format’s last great hope…

Yup. Frac is relegated to fringe status these days. A bit sad since it uses bananas, but with Stackcables you can get some of the improvement in patching flow in Euro - or you can go berserk improving all non-switched jacks with bananas :stuck_out_tongue:

Going forward we’ll see some more Serge in Euro, but there’s still 4U and 5U holdouts. I don’t see why some get so religious about modular formats, get or build whatever is cool and make some format jumblers. Problem solved.

I definitely get the appeal of bananas, but I also think normalizing is cool, too. Everything has tradeoffs. Compact is important to me, so Euro it is.

If you want Bananas, Elby can adapt all of their modules…