Eurorack anushri

Hi everybody.

Im building an Anushri. I plan to make a eurorack format panel using front panel express. I wonder if I could use the troubleshooting test points to get more patch points. (vco outs, lfo out, etc) Id like to know also what components shouldnt be mounted when using eurorack power suply.

Hope to get some help.


without having built one myself yet, it’s safe to say you can feed in the voltages at the respective regulators output pins, where these voltages are generated usually and omit everything in the line from the regulators to the psu jack. but you connect it at own risk :wink:

Regarding power: the only part you need to remove is the LT1054 chip from its socket - it’s clearly written on the board. This part is used to generate a negative rail, but you already have one from the Eurorack cable!

nope (to what i said)
eurorack you say, that means you have +/- 12V. that’s quite high so you could consider using headsinks on the regulators.
feed the +12V in the input of the 7805 and -12V to the input pin of the 7905. GND to GND. to find out which pins they are is part of the job, to make sure you know what you’re doing and do it right.
good entry points are the output pins of the LT1054 (because the holes are empty)

There’s already a standard Eurorack 2x5 pins power connector on the Anushri board.

i better get my hands on one soon

Looking at the Pcb, I think I dont need to solder C56, C57, C51 and LT1054 to power it vía eurorack power connector.

Please, let me know if Im wrong.


It seems that you are wrong, pichenettes mentioned a standard 2x5 Eurocrack connector + not needning the LT1054 :slight_smile:
(Right up there as well - ^ )

Vincent, I want a confirmation for NOT installing those components, as I dont have those caps.


Yes you can ignore these 3 parts if you don’t plan to use the jack DC input.

Woops, read it as “think I need to solder C” … .
Sorry :frowning:

Thanks for your response!