How about a MI module that is the Euro equivalent to a MIDIPal but with some sound processing and generation options?

I’m building a DIY version of the Ardcore module by 20Objects/Snazzy FX as I think paying £240 for a simple Arduino PCB is way too expensive, so I’m sure MI could do a similar module with increased power from using an ARM processor.

There’s the Z-DSP too, but that is harder to program. I think an MI module with a nice C++ library would rock.

It’s already there!

1. Take the Mutable Instruments module that is the closest to what you want to do in terms of features.
2. Tweak the firmware…
3. Done!

Want to code oscillators? Hack Braids or Tides. Tides has little filtering on the FM CV input so it could even be used for simple audio processing.

Want to code trigger generators? Hack Grids.

And if your question is: “will there be any Mutable Instruments module with audio, trigger and CV inputs that I can reuse as a box to run FX code on?” the answer is yes.

But a dedicated “empty box” module: no. The way I work, I cannot do anything that would sell less than 500 units a year.

Well the way I see this module is it would have a USB port or SD card on it. That way you could just swap a card or plugin a laptop to change the program.

I understand that your modules are largely user hackable using the source, but that lacks an quick and easy way to swap programs.

Point taken

You know the market and financial side better than me :slight_smile:

The problem with the Ardcore is it is expensive and the CPU is limited in power. It’s Arduino so 16Mhz Amtel. I’m building one as a DIY project so as to save money as it has some useful CV programs.

The problem with the ZDSP is you have to code in the DSP chip’s own machine code (FV-1 chip) and apparently it doesn’t track v/oct well? which rules out the option of using it for an oscillator.

I guess if you produce a module that is able to do multiple things you run the risk of selling less.

That Ardcore is a nice module. Did you find a schematic online?

I’m sure Olivier will turn up with a great FX module sooner or later… and MI modules are able to change firmware by plugin in an audio cable connected to your laptop so it’s almost the same then.

I do look forward to what will come out. If I had enough free time I’d have a go at some sort of custom version of Braids or Tides.

As for the Ardcore, there’s no schematic but the PCB can be bought and there’s build instructions. People on MuffWiggler have built their own. I doubt it is a very complex circuit, you could work it out and produce your own PCB if needed. Someone on Muff has already done that.



Muff thread:

@6581punk did you ever complete this project? Ibterested to see what you came up with, If so.


I built all of the PCB but lost interest at the panel wiring stage, I hate panel wiring :slight_smile: Getting a panel made would probably help.

@6581punk I hate panel-wiring, too.

I recently rediscovered a set of Diptrace files a guy on Muffwigglers sent me last year.

They’re PCB layouts for ArdCore control and expander boards.

At the moment, they’re single-sided, with super-fat traces, because he was planning to etch his own boards.

It shouldn’t be too much work to polish them up into a form that could be professionally fabbed, though.

Would you be interested in splitting the cost of getting a couple of boards made?


Might this be an interest for you 6581punktoneburst ? Patchblocks Eurorack Prototype



I notice the Owl Eurorack modules are also still on pre-order . Wonder if they’ll ever see the light of day…


Struggling with the software still I guess.

I guess so. I’d be much more interested if they got pd integration working. Not going to pre-order unless I know that’s going to happen, though.


Talking of programmable MCU-based Euro modules, it look like nw2s have some potentially interesting stuff planned.


And do not forget Axoloti which its designer was planning to do Eurorackable version

@cereyanlimusiki yeah, that does look cool, too. There are quite a few systems offering software pseudo-modular systems inside Euro modules. It’s quid an odd idea, when you think about it, but now even major manufacturers like Roland seem to think there’s merit to the idea. I think there’s mileage in having some kind of system where individual pre-made patches can be recalled without connection to a computer. That’s where all the systems fall down, in my opinion.


Maybe the proposed Axoloti module will include storage and recall of multiple setups without a computer. It would get my vote, if so…