Euro Rack Case :-D


Yeah, looks great, until you load it with heavy modules, slips out of your hand and and let it drops a few cm on one edge…… and will shatter.

UK sourced perspex, we have the finest perspex mines here in the UK :slight_smile:

^- down under they are not able to source original german plexiglass :wink:

fcd72> Yeah, looks great, until you load it with heavy modules, slips out of your hand and and let it drops a few cm on one edge…… and will shatter.

Is that what happened to the MI WorldGrid case, which was glimpsed about a year ago but has not been seen since?

I gather that WorldGrid has recently met with someone going by the name of Prof M. Scott, and will be converting to aluminium construction while retaining an identical appearance for their racks.

eek! this is one nasty looking one!

Hints of Ettore Sottsass? I’d buy an Olivetti eurorack case!

Well that would be great. A bit more rounded though…

I have also seen some very funky looking perspex rack mounts at Thonk…great price too

Would having all the electronics hanging out the back be a hazard? Either way, this is what I am going for, if I had the software and knew people with cutting equipment I would quite like to design and make my own case, but que sera era !

Adam: That depends on whether you’re planning on closing it off yourself, and where you are placing it. Also how you power them - if you use something like the doepfer power bus, shorting that to anything metal will probably damage a lot of things, both in terms of modules, and in terms of whatever you shorted it to(probably another synth).

If you are just putting it on a table, and certain you will not place it on anything conductive ever(and keep your wires neat, preferably masking off the back of the power bus/busboard) it should be fine, accidents not taken into account.

Really, closing off the gaps isn’t that expensive, but your modules most certainly are. In the end you gotta decide what you want to do with it, and any risks inherent in your placement/use scenario.

Thank you V’cent :slight_smile:

I have decided on getting the Thonk perspex case ends with the rails…I also planned on buying the mini Zeus (the one with the ribbon connectors) with the external 2000ma PSU by tiptop…I figure that should be enough oomph for the modules I am buying…I’ll double check that before purchasing though.

I’ll be using the synth on my desk and will make sure my cables are neat and tidy ! I really do not fancy frying anything, or myself for that matter: I guess at a later date I could always bodge some sort of housing together to cover the unit :slight_smile:

Off topic, will I need the MI volts adapter with Grids, or Peaks?

Not according to the speccs, since they both consume +/-12v, and no 5v. Good choice, I have both and am very happy :slight_smile:

The flying bus boards(ribbon cables) used by tiptop are more or less the most safe busboards(in my opinion) for an open case like the thonk one, since they don’t feature any metal bits or connections on the back - The only risk comes from accidentally touching something to the back of one of your modules, something that is harder to do(but still not impossible.).

you can get one of these and mount everything in it:
but you’ll need rack angles to mount the rails. I recommend this shop here:
Though Thonk is great also… but I don’t think they have the rack angles.