Euro modular CV into modded Sidekick?

Hi all, I’m having a Sidekick modded professionally, with both CV and trigger input being added, and was wondering if my Euro modular would be fine to use with the CV/triggers (voltage wise)? I just don’t want to mess anything up on either systems…Thanks for any input, since I’m a novice with this type of thing. Thanks again! J.

If its done “professionally” there should be some kind of additional CV conversion circuit - as far as my rather limited knowledge goes Shruthis uses 0…5V as CV whereas EuroModular Systems use 0…10V. Didnt your Modding Guy give you advice?

Well, I probably didn’t explain in detail what type of modular I was working with…but my mod guy did tell me (today) that I could use an attenuator to scale down the voltage…and I have several of those in my Euro racks, so it sounds like I should be ok…

Thanks for your help. J.

so how will you know when your tweaking that your at 4.95 volts and then one a downbeat you go 7v and fry it? I’d want a safety built in for 5V.

At least you’d try a simple Voltage Divider:

EuroCV- and Shruthi CV-
R 10k
Shruthi CV+
R 10k
EuroCV +


Also please note that the Shruthi does not work with 1V/Oct…

here’s a pic smrl posted a while ago:

from this thread:

a passive attenuator is simply a voltage divider, he already has one. You’re all describing the same thing. Deopfer A183 . Feed it the max CV, adjust the pot till the output is 5V and thats it…