Euro Anushri Midi/Audio panel wiring

Well, no one in my area responded to my request for wiring the Midi/Audio panel to my recently acquired Eurorack Anushri, so it looks like its going to be up to me to make it happen. I don’t think it will be that difficult. Would somebody please do a diagram, or write out, what wires go from the Midi/Audio panel to the Anushri board, ie each wire from point A to point B. I will really appreciate this.

You need two wires for MIDI IN (pin4, pin5), three wires for MIDI OUT (pin2, pin4, pin5).
And two wires each for AUDIO IN (Tip, Sleeve) and AUDIO OUT (Tip, Sleeve).
I hope these pictures will help you:

YES! These pix absolutely help - it does not look too dificult. I just wanted to make sure I do it right.

One more thing - on the picture cj55 posted for me, the two Midi in wires (pin 4 and pin 5) on the left side were cropped off. Can you, cj55, or anyone, please indicate the correct placement of Midi pins 4 and 5 on the board. Thanks

Click on the picture and it opens in full size - you’ll see the two MIDI IN pins.

wow, I feel like a bonehead. I REALLY should have realized that - thank you SO much. I am now 100% good to go

I can’t for the life of me see any pictures. Is this because a forum reformat? Really could use the help with this wiring :slight_smile: