Escape From Wuhan - Ambika

Viral dark synth mutant offspring of “Chariots of Pumpkins” and “Escape From New York” by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth featuring Mutable Instruments synthesizers and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator PO-35 Tonic drums. Ambika oscillator leads routed thru CEM and Ladder filters, SMR Mk I all bass parts plus one instance of Ambika osc. thru CEM bass.

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Did this really have to be called escape from Wuhan?


That’s a great question. How do you go about creating titles for your recordings?

Well for a start I like to choose titles that won’t be misconstrued as insensitive or tasteless.


Too soon! Like the sound though :slight_smile:

Art is often provocative…

Miscronstrued by or insensitive to whom? This all seems so irrational as if you were presenting as the world’s self-appointed arbiter of protected speech or something. 7.7B people on the planet and you survey all of them to clear your titles? My personal experience is that I received years of massive validation and support from major media around the world to discuss issues of the day in the public interest. Maybe you never received the same support and therefore lack confidence in your editorial initiatives to boldly express yourself. I mean, I could have gone with “Escape from Kobe Bryant” but chose instead to honor the hundreds of Russians, British and Americans who fled Wuhan by airplane. Sorry if you don’t like it :slight_smile:

Takes a ton of „confidence in your editorial initiative“ to consider being mentioned in your piece an honor.
I think its sometimes helpful to put somewhat mediocre amateur musical dabbling into perspective versus a serious health issue that you’re observing from the comfort of your home but what do i know.


ooooooowhoooooooo, drama is afoot! in the red corner…

OMG when did this forum turn into a toxic hate fest? Mental health smears? Utterly ridiculous :wink:

Not sure but I think it was you who got really triggered by some mild criticism :*


Personal attacks are ad hominem irrationality DonKArtofflo. I’m just a contributor to the forum complying with the TOS. I always thought MI was about empowering personal creative expression through love of music but apparently some members think its about policing language. Thanks for the insight :slight_smile:

I fail to see a personal attack on anyone except maybe you assuming people to lack creative boldness which is a pretty silly statement in this context if you ask me.
Here is a personal attack: your avoidance of a real discussion by filing all criticism under „language policing“ aka political correctness is incredibly boring and predictable.

Edit: i have no problem with you personally, as you can see my original statement was quite gentle. I do think your replies so far seemed pretty arrogant which is my main beef here.


Escape from New York (Reprise)

Clearly I misunderstood what you meant regarding a “serious health issue” and I apologize for any confusion. Vancouver like most of the world is now under stay-home emergency status and our hospitals have reportedly run out of hazmat gear. I have no interest in silencing others or avoiding communications. I have deep respect for this brand and the community that has supported my education in electronic music. I wish everyone the best in emerging from the present crisis stronger, healthier and more musical :slight_smile:

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I apologize if my comments were in any way offensive and hope that you are successful in navigating this latest public health trend :slight_smile:


Best wishes to all! Stay safe.

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Same here in Bratislava, hope everyone stays safe and healthy!