Error w/ AVR GCC Version in MI DevEnvironment


first post here so: Hello

premise to my question:
I installed the dev environment and I was able to compile stuff etc. all good, it works.
So I needed some custom changes on the Grids so it plays nice with Eucledian Circles (also outputs Reset on the backside headers instead of that random pulse), which actually was very easy to do until I changed another thing … I’m now getting a weird compiler error:

unable to find a register to spill in class ‘POINTER_REGS’

which apparently is a bug in GCC prior 7.0:

So what is the AVR-GCC version in the vagrant environment and can I update it w/o breaking something?

since I usually use AVR Studio on Win (using C or ASM - first time C++ here)
I am really dim when it comes to installing toolchain manually etc. (appget and those linux things make me mushy)
Any help welcome…


ok, mine has AVR-GCC Version 4.8.2


I helped myself.
I changed the optimization flag to -O1 and it compiled without error.
I have yet to test the code if it actually works :wink:


Code works :smiley:

If anyone is interested I changed some things regarding Clock & Reset Out so that Eucledian Circles runs on the same beat and Grids always outputs a 4ppqn Clock, no matter its divider setting (so it also becomes a nice MIDI to 4ppqn Clock adapter).