Error on IC assembly of Anushri


I’ve assembled a anushri recently, but i did a mistake and exchange between the 74HC and 4051.
Now i’ve replace and reassembled all ic but it’s don’t work…

Somebody can help me ?

74HC is not a complete part number. Which part was it exactly?

When you mean “replace” do you mean that you have bought new ICs?

And can you explain in which way it “doesn’t work”? Which tests have you done?

it’s about 74hc595 and 74hc165. yes i’ve bought new ICs.
that’s doesn’t work because no sound…

Does it respond to button presses?

Are the LEDs lit?

Does it appear to respond to MIDI (Gate LED)?

Check the troubleshooting section at the end of the build instructions. Report on the power supply and signal path tests - any of the measurements described there.

LED’s don’t respond correctly, no respond with MIDI sync.

power supply are ok

Could you post pictures of both sides of your boards?

Which LED pattern do you see?

Does something happen when you press the buttons?


yes it’s happenig something, the pattern change.

LED4 is lightening with different intensity, and after push REC LEDS 2 and 1 are lightening

and 7805 transistor is really hot

It’s normal for the 7805 to get hot especially if your power supply exceeds 9V.

So the LEDs are actually working, right?

And the problem is that you cannot trigger MIDI notes… Are you sure the notes are sent on the right channel?

i don’t kow if it’s a right working. and i send midi on chanel 10 like in the doc

MIDI channel 10 is for the drums and won’t cause any LED to blink. By default, the synth section responds on channel 1.

That explains why i can’t find anything wrong on your pictures… Nothing is wrong :slight_smile: Looks like a great build! Congratulations.

ok thx it’s working (making sound) i don’t understant everything but that’s making f***in’ sound