Error in Tides V2 Manual diagram?

Hello. While trying to learn more about Tides LED OFF mode, “Different Shapes”, I think I see an error in the manual, or a misunderstanding on my part, which I am hoping someone can clarify.

The manual seems to indicate that the triangle on output 2 will be all positive voltages, but it seems in fact to be going negative instead when I check the lights on my unit (i.e. they pulse green and red just as output 1 does when positive.

The manual also seems to indicate that the EOA signal goes high when the main out-1 goes negative and back low when it comes positive again–though it seems on my unit to run rather as I indicate in the diagram below. Similarly with the EOR signal, in the manual it seems to pulse at the end of a full cycle but on my actual unit it pulses when the out-1 signal reaches a negative lowest point.

It would be great to actually have the EOR function as the diagram, to allow syncing a clock with the zero-crossing of the LFO, though perhaps I don’t know enough about EOA/EOR usages.
Thank you all for any help!

Tides Manual Issue

The main and triangle outputs are unipolar in AD/AR modes, and bipolar in cyclic mode.

The EOA and EOR outputs are not based on polarity but slope. The EOA is high during the descending phase, the EOR is high after the descending phase.

Assuming the cyclic mode is active, to correct the diagram above you’d have:

  • Make the raw asymmetrical triangle start from -5V and reach -5V instead of 0V (not the way you did it).
  • Shift the apex of the main signal waveform so that it coincide with the grey to white transition.
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