Envelopes triggered by mod matrix never enter "release" stage?

I just recently built a Shruthi (thanks to qp / Laurentide Synthworks!) and it’s fantastic, but one thing bugs me: when I set an envelope to be triggered by a source in the mod matrix (e.g. lfo1>tr2), it effectively becomes an “ADS” envelope: the A and D stages get triggered by the LFO, but after that the envelope just stays at its Sustain level, rather than returning to 0 (unless sustain is set to 0), until it gets triggered again.

I’d really like to be able to create a patch where the mod-matrix source worked as a “gate” rather than just a “trigger” signal, with the gate opening when the mod source went above a certain level (as it works now) but then closing again when it dropped back below that threshold; then the (perceived) note length would be variable as well as its timing. Is that impossible without some kind of custom firmware?

(Hope I’m not asking a question that’s been asked over and over, I’ve looked for other posts about this to no avail…)

No you’re the first to ask about this :slight_smile: And you’re probably the second to use this feature after the guy who requested it.

The current implementation triggers rather than gates the envelope - so it’s effectively an ADS envelope.

This can be modified only by changing the firmware code.

That was fast, thank you! I looked at the code and it seems like this would actually be really easy to change; guess I’ll have to give it a shot.

Out of curiosity, did you choose triggering over gating because the latter would eat up additional processor cycles, or just because “the guy” asked for the former?

> just because “the guy” asked for the former?

A couple of versions ago there was a kind of “trigger bus” in which some keys could have special functions like resetting LFOs or retriggering envelopes. Then the LFOs got added to the trigger bus. Then the “trigger bus” disappeared and got moved to the modulation matrix. I ported the existing feature “as is” without realizing the trigger could become a gate.