Ensoniq ESQ1 ? Still worth it?


Brilliant Version


I like the Sucker Punch version


My ESQ-M arrived today, a little worn, it’s no looker but it a cooker?

Not liking the homemade rack ears though.


You make sounds which are a little bit analogue and a little bit clangorous. It’s not really all the way to either a Juno or a DX7, it’s more like they had nasty sex and out popped this guy.


Dang, the guy is now ignoring my emails :frowning: oh well


Hello there, do you think an ESQ-1 is worth paying 300€ these days ?

(A studio owner is selling gear including an ESQ1 and a SQ80 locally for 400 and 600€ respectively so I’m thinking about trying to bargain for the former a little bit…)


Bit late here but that’s a good price these days, They were half that price 3 or 4 years ago but price has gone up a lot. I like this synth and ensoniq stuff generally


If it has wear and tear plus needs the battery swapping then these are bargaining points.

If it is in good condition with a cartridge then you should just buy it, the cartridges are worth £50-100 alone.


Forgot to update this. The guy dropped it off for free as the keys stopped working


You’re a lucky guy :smiley:


I got a working metal ESQ-1 for £250 recently. I’ve noticed the SQ80s are going up in price now, for what reason I don’t know. But the SQ80 does have poly aftertouch which is rare, but the clacky keys aren’t to some peoples tastes. I believe you can sort that out by replacing some felt which dampens the sound on key up.


I use this editor;

really opens it up.

Still one of my favourite synths