Ensoniq ESQ1 ? Still worth it?

Hi all. Found an esq 1 locally for a good price ( 100$ and my korg poly 800)

Still worth grabbing if I have a shruthi ?


F***, yeah!


You’ll get for the price of a few boxes of beer and a WaldUndWiesen™ Synth one of the most underrated Hybrid Synths of all times. Ill expect a Pic with your ESQ in 3 Hrs.

I’m waiting for an ESQ-M to arrive from the US, there’s a mod which turns it into an SQ80 (minus keyboard). They seem to be on the upward trend in prices outside of the US.

I love mine. The value of the Korg should be equivalent to the ESQ1 though.
Alternatively, the VST SQ8L is very similar in sound, and free.

The main draw are the three oscillators and the amount of modulations as well as the multitimbrality. The analogue filter is the weak part of this synth making the all digital VST very easy to substitute in a pinch.

@6581punk: Just send an oscillator value out of the normal range, and the ESQ will read random bytes of code as wavetables. No mods necessary.

  • you get a nice Sequencer you can use to fix some sketches with nothing but the ESQ.

The SQ80 has twice the amount of wavetables, but 4x times the data overall, plus an enhanced envelope that simulates reverb. The mod adds a bit more than just random waves.


Anyone getting an ESQ-1 might be interested in the Volt Crafty Devices ESQ-PG programmer, adds a few controls. But the ESQ is like the D50 in that the change is only heard on next note press, it’s not a realtime control.

To be honest, the ESQ its the synth that lacks least a programmer. Especially if its harder to use than the ESQ alone :wink:

Well getting a programmer unit for a rack mount makes sense for me, arms ache more when using rack gear :slight_smile:

Well I guess it’s a good idea then :slight_smile:

I got my poly 800 for 75 and cleaned and fixed it up. So 175$ for the esq is a fine deal. I should get it on thu or Friday when he is back in town

Welcome to the world of Ensoniq goodness! All of a sudden I had a SQ-80, a SD1 and a Fizmo. Now for a ASR-X or a TS-10… :smiley:

These old boxes rawk!

What would be cool is something that helps with the envelopes, plus effects of the SD1. The rest is easy using front panel.

@dude163: 175 is a fair price! You can get a Korg DW or DSS later. :wink:

@6581punk: That Buchty article was a good read! :slight_smile:

@Jojjelito: Don’t forget that EPS and ASR samples work with the Kurzweil K2000 with OS 3.0 and up! I didn’t know you had a Fizmo!

The whole site is a wealth of resources. I generated an SQ80 hidden waves rom from there.


Well…. you are right if you have the m. Does it have any other buttons than ON/OFF? :wink:

It’s more limited and the screen is smaller. But I have a very good condition SQ80 as well.

So dude…… how did it turn out?

He’s not back in town til tomorrow :frowning:

Tomorrow was yesterday….

Tomorrow never knows…