Enjoying my Ambika

I like the thank again everyone in the forum for helping me before, after and while building the Ambika. I’m enjoying one of the best moments in a long time, making music just for fun while my two kids give me a break.

Mainly using Ambika as a poly, but digging on the parts routing side, yesterday was using four parts for chords directly to a phaser on the M13,one part for bass sound, and other part as an arp into the Boss Space Echo. Drum loop and a little edit was done on Live9.


Cool! Which phase shifter are you using?

I’m using the emulation of the MXR 90 on the Line6 M13, also i think i put a little of the Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble. I will love the get a Small Clone but i like the M13 a lot because you can have up to four fx with dedicated knobs so you can tweak in realtime like in the beginnig of the chords where i play with speed of the phaser.

I use a Maxon PH-350 phaser and Maxon CS-350 chorus on my Rhodes. The phaser sounds the closest to the Mu-Tron I got rid of years ago, at least to my ears. Your Phase 90 emulation sounds better than a real Phase 90.

When comes to stompbox modelers the weak part goes for distortions, on the M13 the filters effects i think where made with the guitar in mind, but delays, modulations and reverbs are great IMHO.