Endless Hours

Maybe its not a big secret but for me it was a total new experience how rings sounds when you put a short noise burst int the In(put) instead of the trigger to the STRUM. Sequenced via the v/O input. Also was very interesting to hear how it changes when you use different noise sources and decay time of the bursts.

after so many hours of rings, it’s always again a pleasure playing with rings



Just triggering Rings was never really intended to be the main way to use the module, although sadly it seems that many people kind of think that. So great to see that you are experimenting with the amazing possibilities the module unfolds when you start to inject different types of excitation signals! There’s some threads about it here on the forums (just search “rings”) if you need some inspiration on what to try next.

Hmm interesting info about the intention of rings. I saw your random experiment thread, alot inspiration and information inside. Thank you.

Nice track! I’ve been having fun experimenting with how the different Braids models sound as excitation signals for Rings, especially as the timbre and color parameters are modulated.

Thank you!
I catched really nice sounds with the sine x3 mode into rings :blush:

Nothing sad about it. All of rings default sounds, while identifiable, are beautiful. Somedays you just need a simple rings patch to relax with your modular. It’s a great module used in any way. :relaxed:

I almost sold braids and then I realized it’s the perfect companion to rings, providing so many different timbres to feed into rings.

That is true. It’s not like you can’t make beautiful sounds with using the default exciter in Rings, would Olivier ever make something that sounds less than beautiful? I doubt that! :slight_smile:
The sad thing is that it represents only 1% of Rings’ sounds. Many people think that those 1% are all of Rings and a lot of critique against it comes from there, which I guess is the actual sad thing.


No truer words were ever spoken. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Nice track too.

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thank you. highly appreciated :bowing_man: