End of life notice

“4 pole penguin sledge”. Schrab? Photoshop?

lol, i know, frank! my net was just too slow to edit my message for more details before you answered haha.
btw funny pic, the woofers

I’m not a snick-snack collector yet, but Shruthis are like friends - you can never have too many! Or something.

I like the sound of both the Curtis and the SSM and the Roland, but I totally understand why it’s not a good idea (or even profitable) to keep boards for something that requires a lot of necro. It feels strange to know that some old Boss phaser or some flimsy Ensoniq had to die (in case of the Ensoniq - it was most likely dead already - they’re build like crap with no support).

Insert that CEM 3399 pic…

Your wish is my bidding Master™

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Just to add my little word,

I love the SSM2044.
It has a little something that changes everything.

I’d say, since anyone can still make his own pcb with the drawing, it’s never really gonna be the end.
And if you stop these designs… in order to add new ones…! then I’ll end up with shrutis all over my walls.

And [hors sujet] I really start wondering what are your next “non-shruti” projects.

supersaw lawn mowers with midi learn

Chasing Bearded Wolf

good to know - yesterday i bought the polar-edition without knowing about the “End of life notice” … i´ve got the Roland-Chip … f…k :wink:

I have my SSM2044 in my Sidekick. It rocks! It’s all liquidy and squidgy. Those chips cost me like $11 on eBay or something? Easy and cheap and worth it IMO. But I still prefer the SMR-4 overall out of the analogs that I have (working…). The DSP is my current favorite filter though. No really!

For guys who wants discontinued board: there’s minimum order quantity of 5 PCB’s @ elecfreaks. It will cost $10,4 per board (green doubleside ) + shipping to end users ($3-5 i think). PCB color other than green (white, red, yellow, blue): +$2 per board. It’s simillar to bulk order. All you need is guy, who will receive money from you, make gerber files, order PCB’s and than ship ready PCB’s to end users.

4,7 uF NP caps $4,37 for 10 pcs.

UPD: sorry, you’ve talking about 3,3uF. Here you can buy axial ones (they should fit also)
To my surprise i’ve found 2.2 and 3.3 at local store for $0.3

I’ve got a load of them now, they eventually shipped from Farnell about a month after I had completed the board. I got some at Maplin in the end, I had to order online as they only keep about two in stock at any store.

Personally I’m fairly sure I’d never end up ordering these boards as the newer boards are simply too awesome. I say axe 'em!

The SSM2164 pretty much replaces what most of the cascaded-OTA SSM/CEM filterchips did anyway, and my SMR4 and Dual SVF boards are as good as any I’ve heard. Good move pichenettes. Bring on the new classics!

Goodbye IR3109 filter board!

Sold out? Oh well. All it did was muffle sound :slight_smile:

I have virgin unobtanium; it does muffle the sound but will muffle better than most. Will swap for VW T2 camper or rubies.

Olivier, could you please make some kind of “archive” navigation menu entry with links to discontinued boards?

I plan to rework the website at a future date, no point doing anything at the moment given that it’ll be thrown away in 3-4 weeks.

Did I grab the very last one??
Im such an IR3109 whore… :stuck_out_tongue: