End of life notice

  • CEM3379 filter board
  • SSM2044 filter board
  • IR3109 filter board

Now let’s argue the hell out of it!

I don’t even have an IR3109 but I think it deserves to live!

i think it is a prudent decission. as the recently released stable firmeware supports them (it does, right?), there is not much of a problem for people who own them.
the pcb layout is open, so if someone comes around one of these fancy chips, they can still build one. (maybe it`s a better idea to use these chips to repair vintage synths anyways.)

the other filteboards are totaly awesome and with less filterboards, you can focus on new products.

i don`t own one of these filterboards so maybe my view is affected by that face…

Yeah, the Occam’s Razor need to be taken out sometimes. It’s 8 boards now (plus DSP) and some new is coming. Too much choice not always good.

But I have SSM2044 board and not going to get rid of it =)

From a business perspective the choice should be reduced, new customers will do it fast.
When I first heard about Mutable Instruments there was four filter boards as i remember, and i’m opted which i neet quite a long time. Now the choice has doubled.

I have no problem with letting those boards go and as loderbast writes; hard to find ICs are far better used to keep the old monsters alive.

I think you’re doing good! These filter boards require some rare chips anyway so I think you’re doing good at focusing on the other ones!

I think the DualSVF and the SMR4mkII are underrated and cover a wide range of sounds, from clean to ballsy and solid, and the PM4 filter just seems to be the ticket.
So, as far as versatile go, my opinion is that getting rid of the ones requiring older/rare parts is a wise decision. Too many boards may be a bit hard to maintain and requires more work for you.

Can people have a PCB made to order if they really want one? suppose someone somehow breaks their PCB but the IC survives, they might want a replacement.

from my point of view they can go. i have 3 of each (besides the CEM3379 which i have only one)
i don’t think they’re better used to repair old gear, maybe since i don’t own that old gear. DIY is for me the best use anything can have. the vintage gear price is held high artificially by all the collectors anyway.
the Shruthis though are very affordable and wth, if i like an analog signal to be processed there’s always the audio input.

> Can people have a PCB made to order if they really want one? suppose someone somehow breaks their PCB but the IC survives, they might want a replacement.

The files will still be available. People who want replacements can send them to a PCB house and get the board done. It will cost them the same as this would cost me because PCB houses don’t store the masks indefinitely and you have to re-pay the tooling fees since more than N years have elapsed after the last reprint.

Thanks, then it’s perfectly sensible to let the current stock run out. What a great way to stimulate demand :wink:

Even as a newcomer I think this is a sensible move!

Yes, there are collectors here who have at least one of everything, but my first few visits to Shruthi-1 land were confusing simply due to the number of filters on offer, and I spent ages listening to the audio comparisons at http://soundcloud.com/mutable-instruments/sets/a-comparison-of-shruthi-1/ before deciding that the ‘standard’ SMR-4 MkII was extremely capable, and far easier to order :wink:

I’ve turned green with envy now that the 4-pole mission has been released, but this eclipses the ‘three old faithfuls’ in so many ways that they deserve to have a quiet retirement :wink:


I own (and use) both CEM and SSM boards, along with my very first shruthi equipped with a SMR-4 mkI.
In my opinion, they are not as ‘user-friendly’ as the SMR, while sounding pretty similar.
The SSM sound and characteristics are actually quite close to the SMR filter board (given implied technologies, there’s no surprise here) and it is very good. The HP filter is a very slight “pro”, the price of the chip and the difficulty to find it is a big “con”.
The CEM sounds very good in my opinion, but it suffers from slight clicks when the gate is opened… And pretty surprisingly the “V/oct” behavior is not consistent over the whole spectrum. While tracking very well in the middle of the keyboard, the low end and high end resonance frequencies are pretty much detuned and no setting on the “V/oct” trimmer could compensate for this.
Unfortunately I don’t own an IRF board (I didn’t have the courage to look for IRF chips).
I must also say that I’m using a SMR-4 mkI and that I didn’t try a SMR4 mkII. But I trust Olivier and I’m pretty sure that they are sonically strictly equivalent, or at least extremely close.

So here’s the point :
While you could hesitate between any of those four filter boards for the sonic qualities, and because of their (relative) sonic resemblance (and yes, I did hesitate a lot)… the SMR clearly stands upon the rest of the crowd because of its better usability, maintainability, and its better behavior.

This is a very wise decision from Olivier.

Totally sensible decision! There can’t be an SKU for everything under the sun, unless you’re Digi-Key or Mouser…

Please keep the documentation though! I printed PDFs of their web pages, but I think that the docs deserve to live somewhere under a “Retired products” header.

Im looking forward for a Heritage Products Entry to the Website.

While all 3 being both musically and historically interesting Filters, the SMR-4(mkII) substitutes all of them well. The rest we will Discuss when you all have built your 4PoleMission Kits :wink:

Hmm, Frank you keep taunting me with hints about the future :smiley: Gonna go play some Prophet VS with my home-made hoover-stylee patch just because of that :stuck_out_tongue: Ack pffft!

Pffft. VS. SchnickSchnack. BTW i meant the rest of the “is a vintage Chip Filter really necessary” Discussion. I have no clue whatsoever about Future Mutable Instruments Products. Come over here and see for yourselves - just give me an hour :wink:

I like my SSM board, it does really good electro-zaps :slight_smile: But it was difficult to source components for. The 3.3uf non-polarised for instance.

But there’s only so much you can do with a low-pass design. I want more weird and wonderful filters :slight_smile:

Polivoks is the one that really stands out amongst the “classics” range. Although you can’t really call it warm :slight_smile:

i love the SSM and CEM filters. i find them quite different to the SMR4 and to each other. the CEM is really hard to find, if at all atm, but the SSM should be no problem, not to talk about some NP caps, if nothing helps you’ll find them on ebay.
i think it was well worth purchasing the chips and make those filters. i haven’t built the polivoks yet, just touching and cuddling my boards so far.
but sure, i can fully understand that there’s no point in providing stock of boards that require chips whose scarcity lowers the demand down to zero. after all, people have even perfboarded their whole Shruthi, at least the CEM board would not be too hard a task to try if one really wants it (or use a playground board).
also, given the fact that there’s the dual SVF, the digital filter (which i haven’t troubleshot yet, cough, almost 1 year now) and now the 4 pole penguin sledge, i actually don’t need as many Shruthis as there are filter options (and some of them 3fold) unless i call myself a damn collector.

I call myself a damn collector :wink: