Encoder problem (solved)

Good weekend chaps and chapettes (isn’t that a type of hat?) have built my Shruthi but have run into another problem - the rotary encoder seems to be not working at all apart from the switch element. It is a type of alps stated in the BOM and have tried two different types. Any suggestions welcomed.

There isnt much between the Encoder and the ATMega (in fact nothing…) so it only can be either bad soldering - which i presume - or a defective Encoder.
Redo all teh Solder Joints from the encoder + Check pins 1-4 of the ATMega.

If you wonder how i know all this… look here

FC you are truly the voodoo healer god - it was abad solder joint on pin 1 of the ATMEGA, many thanks mate, hopefully I will progress to getting sound out of the Shruthi today - woohoo!

Dont ask me anything for your filter… im a digital 80ies Boy, only :wink: