Encoder operation Reversed

i buyed some LCDs from a ebay seller, each LCD 4€! green and blue ones
if someone is interested i can send, post you the link?

ok, i’ve ordered the encoders yesterday and as expected Reichelt have confirmed they have been shipped today.
so they’ll be here probably tomorrow!

Thanks rosch!
Also, even tho I only placed that Farnell order late on Friday, I already got 3 packages delivered today! There is still a lot more to come yet though…

That was quick! Those must just be the ones from their UK warehouse, I guess.


Indeed! I have another 3 shipping notifications also, and even then, im pretty sure there is more to come after that…

It’s odd they sent separate shipments. I’d have thought they’d wait for everything, then send the whole lot in one parcel. Another example of the electronics supply industry not being setup for small private orders, I guess…


no problem, Luap.
regarding the x0xb0x encoder, are the pins in the same order as the Shruthi one?
i do them off board and have plenty good ones with the same sense as the one in the Shruthi, just without extra switch.
if i can’t use this, it would be digikey time again :smiley:

rosch, yep! same order and spacings. I tested one a few months ago in a Shruthi. Function and fit is perfect, except for those 2 shield tabs. I cross referenced the part numbers also. So it can be used if we really couldn’t find anything else…

(Actually, I think most of that Farnell order is here, 1 of the packages is from the US. I’ll go through whats there tomorrow…)

Cool Luap.
I’ve just discovered some other bits and bobs I should have ordered. Think I can probably pick them up from various UK sources with relatively reasonable postage.


that’s great, so i can use the ones i have :slight_smile:

Alx, typical… Im sure i’ll find the same though once I start building mine… Ugh!

rosch. You can do a cheeky check. Pop it in without soldering and temporarily at least, it should work! That being the case, solder it in… Im a bit confused though. Why would you use those when you are getting some more suitable ones from Reichelt?

you mean for the x0xb0x?
i’ll use a panel mount encoder (i already have them), and just like to be sure it’s the correct type (the spacing doesn’t matter). the ones i have work fine with the shruthi (also off board).
so if i can use this for the x0xb0x that’s cool.

but i got me some reichelt encoders too, as i’m going to make some acrylic shuthis/sidekicks too, ie pcb mounted.

i just realized that i don’t need worrying about the pin order, as i’m using cables anyway, duh

Luap, the encoders are here.
so i need your adress, if you like send me an email, it’s in my profile.

Ha, what timing, I just sent you a message also. See other thread :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, my encoders arrived from the eBay seller today. They came in Farnell boxes, ironically.
No way of telling if they work without soldering them onto the board, I guess…

I’ll give it a go as soon as I get home.


My eBay encoders arrived a while ago, and I just got around to fitting one last night. Works fine!
They’re still for sale, so if you’re in the UK, and you need to pick up some…


I’m not on commission or anything.