Encoder not functioning, IC6 hot

I’ve got an issue that has me perplexed. I can power up the Shruthi and all voltages check, display works, all pots, buttons, and LEDs check. However, the encoder isn’t working. The push switch part of it is, but I get no change on any screen when I rotate the encoder. Thoughts?

IC6 getting hot is normal. Are the 3 pins at the bottom of the encoder correctly soldered? Can you describe the voltage changes you observe there when you rotate the encoder (measure voltage on the L & R pins of the encoder, then rotate it left, the rotate it left again, then right…)?

If looking at the encoder from above, the middle pin test with continuity to ground, the right pin is around +5v (+4.9559v) and the left pin outputs a few mv when I turn it. Seems to be really low and random, sometimes positive, sometimes negative but never more than a few millivolts. The right pin will drop a few millivolts whenever I turn the encoder to the right, it will drop a couple of volts when I turn to the left. Thanks!

At rest, both pins should be at +5V, with a short voltage drop when the encoder is turned. So it looks like there’s something wrong the left pin - maybe a bad solder point ; a bent pin when you inserted the MCU?

Great! Bad solder joint on the socket. The encoder now works. I’m getting audio raw out of the osc but something is off in the filter section. I’ll poke around and post back if I can’t figure it out. Thanks!