Encoder is reversed... Can someone help me with how to change the code to fix it?

I sourced my parts for the shurthi and the encoder I got is reversed…
Is anyone out there willing to send my the firmware with that part of the code reversed? I don’t have any experience with code.

Swap this

Thanks! I should be more specific; the encoder is reversed in that clicking it acts as if rotating it (to the right) and rotating it acts as if clicking it.

Also how do I compile that into the midi file to send to the shruthi? I appreciate your help, thanks!

btw I tried changing that part of the code and compiling the firmware myself but none of the commands were found in terminal… even after installing the packs listen on the firmware page.

I’ve attached a screen shot of the path. Is something wrong?

Are you sure you didn’t solder the encoder in the wrong way around?

The two pins at the top are the switch, the three at the bottom handle rotation. It may be possible to put it in back to front (one pin would be misplaced, but that could be missed).

> Are you sure you didn’t solder the encoder in the wrong way around?

There are encoders with a pin-out compatible with the problem markhadley reports.

> Is something wrong?

No, but you have to find out where the AVR toolchain files have been installed.

yeah the encoder pins are correct

pichenettes, how do I do that? thank you for your help!

Maybe you are better of soldering some jumper wires on your encoder… Will also save you the hassle building a new firmware in case of an update.

It does sound like an easier solution, if uglier. Or get another encoder.

ok i’ve been trying things all morning and have had no luck!
at one point i had the click working as a click, but spinning the encoder in either direction made the cursor go right.
are any of you guys perhaps willing to change the code based on the 1.01 firmware and send me the midi file directly? i would really appreciate that, if it’s not too much to ask.

hey shiftr, how would I achieve that? here’s a pic

Tidiest way would be to remove the encoder from the PCB, cut pins shorter (except for the left and right retaining lugs). Solder wires onto each pin then solder the wires to the correct pads. Remount the encoder on the board then solder the left and right lugs.

You could do it without removing but we need to know what encoder you have in there… Where did you buy it? Do have a data sheet?

P12336-ND 1.87000 1.87 T
HTSUS: 8543.20.0000 ECCN: EAR99


data sheet ^^

ok so i got the encoder to behave properly by switching the orientation and wiring the middle connector of the 3 side to the middle hole on the opposite side on the board.

BUT now, when i power up, it shows “shruthi xt classic (fcd72)”, “shruthi xt (full control)” or “shruthi classic (4 knobs)”

anyone know what is happening now?

oh and the buttons work (changing the leds) but the display never changes from one of those 3 options.

and also, they rotate each power cycle

You have done something wrong with the encoder, since the synth is now behaving as if the encoder button is constantly pressed (which triggers the programmer selection on boot).

now i’ve really messed it up… there’s no encoder in the board but it’s acting as if the encoder is being pushed very rapidly.
i’ve cleaned up the board around the encoder and everything looks clear there… is there another location where something could be happening to cause this? yikes… i’m fearful for my shruthi’s life

or rather, it’s alternating VERY quickly between “osc 1 shape (as if the encoder was pressed on the main menu)” and “let’s jam!”