Encoder Compatibility Question

Just wondering if this encoder would work for the shruthi, thanks ahead of time!


Almost. You want a 12mm encoder. This is 11mm so the distance between the wings on the sides of the encoder is about 11.1 instead of 13.2 (from Panasonic’s 12mm encoder datasheet). You may be able to spread those apart a little since the rest of the dimensions look about the same-ish, but a 12mm type would be a safer bet.

Alright, Ill do some more digging on digikey for something 12mm then, thanks!

There’s some Panasonics, Bourns PEC12-series and some TT/BI EN12-series encoders.
As Pichenettes wrote: make sure the pinning is

Switch Switch

Enc GND/common Enc

Most are, but there’s a tale of some weird part to watch out for.

Ive found this one, seems to check all the boxes, thanks for the help jojjelito


NP! That one you found ought to work.