Encoder Breakout PCB Bulk Order at MidiBox

Jojelito has already commented in some post about this but thought I’d advertise it as the per pcb price has already dropped from 14 to 11 euros. It is an 8x2 encoder breakout with 16 ring leds for each encoder for use with midibox, would make a great CC controller. There will be another price break if the number gets above 100 pcbs (currently at 54). B/O ends Nov 18th.


I now I’m going to be adding myself for 3 pcbs, but I still need to get my midibox bearings first :confused:
Go Go GO people! :smiley:

Good idea about looking at doing a bulk for encoders as well. If I was in the middle of where most of the takers are I would set something up. We all can save lots.

You are right, agree for an encoder bluk, i can do it, but most midiboxer are in europe.

Go for it Jojjelito! I’d take 48 encoders if you do a bulk order.

Hmm, if push comes to shove I’ll do an encoder bulk, but everyone would he hit by the somewhat expensive postage going from Sweden to Germany times lots, Italy, UK, the Netherlands etc… I suspect it would be better to have it arranged by someone in a bigger country (or at least more represented amongs the peeps on the list) so that most postage becomes domestic. Let’s see what develops :smiley:

Also, someone in the US could probably serve USA, Canada and Mexico better that having the loot shipped from Mouser or Digi-Key, Jameco, Newark or whatever to Europe, split and then have some lots going back to America.

Right, I’ll just make a final post here, in order to promote it a bit further : the breakeven point for ordering 200 pcbs at 8€ is 189, currently there are 181 on order - Who hasn’t gotten one yet ? ! :smiley:
(Ordering starts tomorrow, so hurry hurry hurry :slight_smile: )

Sell it to me. What other stuff do I need to make something usefull with this? :slight_smile:

An LPC17-based core board and you have a nice programmer…

Where else can you get a programmer that supports LED rings, motor faders, OSC, USB and MIDIx2 at least, plus stores its setup on a easy to use SD card? Not enough? Add up to 4 graphical OLEDs (haven’t heard anybody make the driver run more – yet)

A few of us will attempt hardware control over the mighty FS1r, I might try the K5000 and a few other rack monsters if I ever have some time to kill.

Why such small aspirations? I plan world domination with mine.

I need a few witnesses for the scene where the organ playing starts and I fire some kind of super weapon…