I really like the alu midipal enclosure - are there any plans to make this type of case available for future and current mutable products? I think I prefer the look of the alu to the plexi…

I have no plans to make such enclosures for upcoming DIY products.

But future assembled products will certainly feature custom-made metal enclosures.

Ooh, great news! I’m probably more into assembled than DIY these days anyway - too many unfinished/unstarted projects here as it is :wink:

Oohh :frowning: Ambika is too expensive for a plexi case I think.

The plexiglas case works well with the DIY philosophy.

The concept - you can see the inside so it emphasizes the “transparency” of the open-source design. And the realization - just like the through-hole filter board that can be assembled (and as Schrab might confirm one day, etched) using unexpensive equipment, the case can be made at the local hackerspace with a laser cutting machine, not with a super expensive metal bending machine…

… if the local hackerspace has an super expensive laser cutting machine :wink:

i’m considering rehousing my midipal in an clear ABS enclosure (guitar pedal sized), all you’d need to drill would be midi, pot and power holes, which should all just be within my skills with a drill. would make for a more secure and rugged enclosure.

do you have an 2mm enclosure or the newer 3mm enclosure?

what’s up with the enclosure Frank? i have the 7 boards, i need the enclosure now!
of course not. i haven’t gone through my spare parts paradise to see what components i need to order, but i’d buy one right away if you got some

a 3mm Midipal Enclosure?

@fcd - I have the 2mm enclosure.

the actual revision of the mid pal case has a much more sturdy 3mm case - the original 2mm one was a cost-optimized approach which we trashed as i discovered a new source for Plexi that compensatet the higher cutting time with cheaper plexi .
I think you can order one from Olivier. If not… you know what i mean :wink:

I have only one left :confused:

You need a metal case to sell an assembled product sometimes as you need to avoid generating any radio interference.

Selling a kit means you can get around such certifications.


noooo, the Ambika :slight_smile:

Ambika? Whats Ambika?

oops wrong forum i guess!

Shoot for the Moon. If you miss it you can still reach the Stars :wink:

But the moon is closer than all the stars?