Enclosure spare parts


i’m looking for a enclosure spare part.
And since fcd doesnt answer via msg or email i’m in need of someone who can cut acryl.
Are there alternatives?


I think some more info would make it easier to help you.
What enclosure are you looking to build.
And where are you located? Have you tried "Laser cutting

Ponoko or RazorLab (UK).

Hello @derkollo

I have some left overs from fcd72.

Let me know what do you need. Maybe we can find a solution.

And if in Europe, here is also an option: http://www.tubeohm.com/TubeOhm/SHOP.html

Hey guys,

thx for your answers! And indeed some info from my side would be helpful…
Im just looking for 1 part. The front of a SammichSID… in matte black…
Im located in germany.

Yeah, im in contact with Andre (Tubeohm) but he just ordered some enclosures and dont know when he will order new stuff. And he orders from Frank (fcd72) anyways. ^^

If you happen to have that Sammich Front i would take it right away. :wink:

I just messaged Frank again…may be…

Or i really have to get a company to do it…

@derkollo All the enclosure spare parts that I have are for Mutable Instruments discontinued DIY projects.

If you have design files then you can try formulor to fab it

That looks exactly like what i need. :slight_smile:
The files are somewhere in the MidiBox forum…

Thanks for your effort! :slight_smile:

I may help you. Send me some files and I’ll tell you am I able to cut it for you. Clear, transparent red fluorescent and black matte not-transparent acrylic sheets available for immediately cutting.