Enclosure Problem

Have completed building the boards and assembled most of the enclosure - once I worked out how to do it. Smart piece of design…
However, the top of the enclosure does not fit properly over the LCD and controls of the Control board. Looking at it, it seems like the base of the enclosure has the four holes for the board support about 2.5mm offset. This results in the holes for the pots being right up against the spline of the pot which is manageable, but it also overlaps the bottom of the LCD and pushes the six buttons a little offset.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?
I guess I could drill new holes in the bottom.

I accidentally mounted the base of the enclosure the wrong way once and that gave those symptoms, so you can try to rotate the bottom 180 degrees.

I did the same thing. The board-mounting holes aren’t centred. The case can be a little tricky to get together anyway, I’ve found, but once screwed together, seems pretty secure.



I had a similar problem, and I solved it by not tightening everything until it was full assembled and mounted.

my shruti doesn’t fit in his case! need help:)

how can i add pics?

You need new side, front and backpanels… drop me an eMail, i can help :wink:

finished some filterboards today! :slight_smile: need audio jacks and some trimmer.
and how can i add the pics fcd72?

Just put a ! araond the link… see the Textile Help below…

that thing is monsta monsta!

Are they all different filters, Dalkiel?


looks like at least 2 SMR4, 1 SSM2044 and at least one partially stuffed IR3109

two SMR-4, two SSM2044 and a CEM3379, IR3109 Filterboards!
but the IR3109 boards needs audio jacks and one Ceramic cap 68p!

My enclosure is also not fitting. There is a little mark near one of the holes of the bottom plate. I read this mark should point to the front left hole. Is that right?