Emu esi 4000 sampler ? Any good?


Ok my SCSI card got lost in the mail and I finally have one Cover me I’m going in


Just received a Yamaha A3000 , 1 Gb SCSI hard drive 128 MB ram, 27 bucks!


It’s got normal oscillators like saw and square if I remember correctly, so you can use it like a synth.


Yes plus pulse and triangle too


Just got a ESI-4000 Turbo and installed a SCSI to CF reader/writer. Is there any way to get the E-MU samples for free or purchase. I am assuming these samples are now public domain.


Hi @bd594 I’m not sure what you mean by ‘the E-MU samples’.

There was never a ‘complete set’ of samples produced for these samplers. There were many commercial sample libraries produced both for the ESI range, and for the earlier E-MU samplers (particularly the EIIIX), by E-MU themselves and 3rd-party companies.

They’re definitely not Public Domain, though some may still be available to buy, most likely on CDROM.

You’ll need either a SCSI CDROM drive, or a computer with optical drive, and a utility to convert the E-MU format optical media to disk image files you can put on you CF card.



I can recommend the E-MU EIIIX library.
If you like 1980s sounds :wink: