Emu esi 4000 sampler ? Any good?


I don’t have one, but wasn’t the Akai system the standard for samples? So a Akai compatible sample should work with your sampler as well…


gah, will only sent to a floppy drive not a ZIP, my pc doesn’t have a floppy anymore , and neither does the ESI, I can see why software based took off :slight_smile:

Thanks BTW!


@dude163 how is the esi treating you?

I have played with my s1000 a bit. I sampled the ms20 mini saw wave and made some pretty great pads. I think I have got this looping thing down. It sounds really nice. I can’t wait to sample some more stuff…like some MI stuff.

It was pretty hot and humid yesterday and the s1000 screen and leds kept flashing on and off when I powered her on. I shut her down and took out the disk and it stopped. I dont know what it was but it hasn’t done it since and I hope it never happens again. I already feel like I overpayed so I will be super bummed if it dies.


Its cool, but im still fumbling my way though figuring it out ! I found some really nice wav files on the net for a Juno 106 , but no way to import them, so I used my iphone to play them into the sampler and sample them 1 by 1!

The effects on the ESI are awesome, i wish there was a way to use it as an effects processor , but the workaround is to sample what i want and then add teh effects :slight_smile: Ill do a quick recording of the juno 106 and upload it to soundcloud, if you want the links let me know


here is the link http://www.rhythm-lab.com/roland_juno_106_samples


@dude163 look out for the massive DC offset when you sample using the ESI-4000 inputs. You’ll probably want to make sure you apply the DC-correction filter to everything you sample, but the original offset does zap the headroom, unfortunately.

There’s a nice trick you can do with the FX by assigning the FX preset to one of the 16 MIDI channels, then using program changes to switch FX programs.

Once you get the hang of using the keypad to select different pages, it’s pretty fast to use. I remember when I first got my ESI-32, having previously used Akai kit, I spent a couple of days tearing my hair out, then, suddenly it just ‘clicked’, and I was zipping around the menus pretty fast.



DC correction ? Is that a menu option ? Sorry to resurrect the thread but I’m starting to actually use the gear not collect it :slight_smile:

I also need to find a way to replace the zip with a memory card


@dude163 DC correct is a sample processing option. I don’t have an ESI-xx in front of me now, so I can’t be any more specific. You might fine this useful.



Just glancing through that manual, it’s ‘DC Filter’ in digital tools 1.



roger dodger!!!


Also, this article from Sound On Sound might be handy.



Thanks , Ill check it out!


Now that Im stripping down my collection to stuff I will use , Im giving this ESI another look over , is there a way to use it as an effects processor?

IE: run a signal through the line in and add the reverb/echo etc from the Turbo card to the Sub outs?


@dude163 no.


This is only possible (afaik) with the E-Synth and the children of the E-64 series…


Dang, I was reading on a forum that a guy was using the yamaha A4000 for effects and thought it may be possible with the ESI…


Possible on the A3000 too I think. They’re only about £100 now.


hmmmm… im bidding on a PCI SCSI card on ebay now an adaptec 2940A , if that falls through Il look for an older yamaha sampler


If you’re in the UK there’s one up for sale on Cash Converters.



Looks like it is without extension board. But as per S:o.S. the A3000 is at least capable of doing this, if i understand the review of the ESI 4000/turbo correctly.